03 May, 2021

IWSG: May 3, 2021 (Totally Late Post)


It's time for an Insecure Writer's Support Group, and so I'll answer the optional question...

"Has any of your readers ever responded to your writing in a way you didn't expect it? If so, did it surprise you?" 

I don't think I have readers since nothing's published yet. The closest I can say is those who's had snippets of my work. I think the most surprising response would be regarding two main characters. I've been posting how I developed unsympathetic characters. Their descriptions made some a bit puzzled as to why I have unsympathetic characters. However, I feel these are special characters. They're unique because I learned you can make them overly unsympathetic or tolerable. So, two of these characters were actually a turn-off for those who were reading snippets of my work. I was thinking, yikes! So, this is for the Science Fiction series I mentioned before, and a Historical Fiction. With these responses, I reviewed their characters again. Then I had to modify their characters without altering too much of them. For this is who they are. I just don't have them as bad as before. 

24 April, 2021

Lost Ember

I first saw Lost Ember while watching game trailers last year in 2020. My attention was drawn by the Wolf, and how you are able to play as a Wolf in the game. I didn't really know what this game was about since the trailer didn't show the game's story. Even so, I had to play this game. I watched the gameplay first through one of my favourite gamers, Wishing Tikal

Once starting you see a talking light asking for the Wolf's assistance. Throughout the game, you are able to change from nearby animals, which will help you travel easier from hummingbirds to fish. You travel by land, water, and air, following these memories of a mysterious woman. You get to explore the world while trying to see to find identification. You follow these lights that show the life of a woman, which I find interesting. This game I feel celebrates life, ancient civilizations, tribes and is a reflection on death and nature, plus incorporating animals in one story. It sort of explores life after death, the sense of there's something beyond death. A better place. I do find the story very interesting and worth experiencing at least once. However, I replayed this about three times. It's probably because I like being able to play as animals, especially Wolves. Also, I found the story and exploration interesting. Of course it's not the length I prefer, but it's still worth experiencing the journey and gameplay again. I liked the music. I thought it went well with the story. It gives you the feeling of a serene adventure. This game is indeed calm.  

For everything I mentioned above, this is the reason why I recommend Lost Ember for at least one gameplay experience. 

17 April, 2021

Overcooked Is The Hardest Game Ever!

I heard there's other Overcooked games. Unfortunately, I never mastered the first one to get them. When I first saw Overcooked, I was excited. I love cooking games (mostly on my phone) and I just love games with this sort of look. The first play seemed easy, until getting to the other levels. Do you still call them levels? I don't know anymore. But I get to the 9th level, and I'm stuck there, thinking restarting from the beginning will help. It doesn't. 

Overcooked is for skilled gamers, and I admit, I'm no skilled gamer. This is why I never bothered playing the other games. I watch others play on Youtube, but that's it. Now when I play it, I get overwhelmed and freeze while the time is running out. Or the second player is forced to fail on their own. I gave up trying and wish I could play Overcooked 2, but know it would end up the same way.  

10 April, 2021

Things I Liked About Mad Max: Character

Mad Max is one game I didn't personally play, but I watched 5 hours of gameplay on Youtube. I wanted to see the gameplay before deciding to play it myself. What I found interesting was the main character, Max. There are not many games where the story seems well thought out. I came across this game years ago, but I wasn't as interested as I am now. Max, in the beginning, you see where he was a member of the clan Scrotus. From my impression of his character, he only gains allies for his sole survival and his interests. It is set in post-apocalyptic Australia. When learning this, I was curious. Even if this is so, it looks like only Max has an Australian accent. This makes the game seem a bit more exotic. I think Australian characters fit the adventurous theme more. Anyway, after this apocalypse, it looks like people divided themselves into their own groups like tribes or clans. 

Max has the necessary aggression to survive. Even though he may have allies, he is mainly a loner. As an introverted individual, I like characters who are the "lone wolf" type. I feel it was done well in this game. This can stem from a tragedy, as I've watched. Still, after surviving in the world he's set in, Max learned to trust no one and do whatever it takes to survive. The other characters he interacts with really don't deserve full loyalty. This can make this understandable not to trust. You are introduced to this character, but he's mostly a mystery. A mysterious character with a past. This is the impression that was gathered during the gameplay. From his past, he developed anger and bitterness. This gives him the fuel to fight and kill. 

Being a writer, I often muse on the characters and how they were developed. I tend to pick out my favourites and analyze them. I think his character was so interesting. I'm still thinking about the game a month after I finished watching the gameplay.    

07 April, 2021

IWSG: April 7, 2021


It's time for another Insecure Writer's Support group post. As always, I'll answer the optional question for this month...

"Are you a risk-taker when writing? Do you try something radically different in style/POV/etc. or add controversial topics in your work?" 

I guess I am a risk-taker. I don't necessarily go for what's trending as many advise to write and publish, but I just write what is of interest to me. I know for every project, it's a risk for not following the advice. I just like going my own way and doing my own thing. I write, not worrying if anything is too weird or different due to the works that came before mine. 

I always post regarding my experiments and habits of writing with different settings, characters, and genres. I dislike writing about the same thing I already wrote about, being a one-trick pony, and so I try to be different with all of my projects. Each of my projects undergoes what-if experiments until I like one version. The most thrilling part about being a writer personally is experimenting and see how I can make things differently.

For me, it depends upon the controversial topic. Mostly I avoid things that are too controversial. I think the most controversial I've gotten was the discussion on race; one book that takes place in the 1860s. So race would make sense. It mentions mix racing, a time where this wasn't as accepted. Okay, perhaps some of my crime projects would fit this category as well. I am aware cults and their behaviors can be considered controversial.  


03 April, 2021

Easter and the Kawaii World

I've been running across lovely Easter decor. The Easter baskets, pastel sweets, bunny lip balms, and colourful candies have been an inspiration. Seeing this, I wanted to collect every pastel item that can build my kawaii collection. Kawaii and Easter actually go hand and hand. The pastel colours are the same, and it promotes the same happy environment. The Kawaii style gets a lot of criticism. If you just think of Easter, you can sort of find Kawaii similar. This year, I was beginning to really love spring and the holiday because of my preferred lifestyle. I know I'm usually a winter person, but spring is also nice. I feel it's a short season, probably because we usually have our spring later than others. Now I see things have changed. It made me wonder what was wrong with the US and the weather? Everything is backwards. The south is getting freezing snow, while up north, we get warm weather. I've always wanted a warm Easter, and I guess I'm getting just that. 

Easter makes me wish I could see all of the kawaii styled things everywhere I look. It makes me wish that every day could be Easter. I love the bunnies and whatever else comes with the holiday. Of course, I don't wait for Easter to arrive for pastel colours. Since all of my kawaii clothes are stored away, I had to skip this Easter. I hope next year, I'll be able to match the season. Talking about next year, I hope it will be different than it was this year. 

Anyway, have a Happy Easter. 

27 March, 2021

Spelling Made Too Easy

As our technology increases and improves, it seems the literacy of grammar, spelling and math is no longer needed to be known. Well, I noticed since we have computers basically thinking for us, anyone can fake being good at spelling.

I think being solely dependent upon computers has proven to decrease people's spelling capacities. That is why I take the time out to brush up on spelling, and practice to spell without the assistance of a computer or phone. Well, I believed it was a good idea because when you are writing on a computer all the time, you can forget how to spell words because you don't require to know how to spell the words if the computer corrects you anyway.

I realized if you don't practice spelling without the help of spell checker, people can forget how to spell the simplest words.

The same occurs with math. Not really math, but I think the ability to count money. When you live in America, you really don't require the skills to count money because everything is digital and mostly people use credit cards to make purchases. These cards spares you from having to count money. Unfortunately, I see also how if you don't brush up on these things, you can easily forget these things. When searching around at other countries, I realized some of these countries I am interested in accepts mostly cash during purchases. It probably is more safer to use cash anyway, but using a card is more convenient. Perhaps there are more Americans getting embarrassed when going to countries that mainly accepts cash, but perhaps foreigners could be excused anyway due to a difference in currency. Maybe.

Returning back to spelling though, I've noticed more people being overly depended upon computers and phones to spell for us. We can write while they do the spelling. It's funny because sometimes I get lazy with spelling because I know the computer is going to correct me anyway. I know it's a bad habit that I don't even try to spell the word correctly. Yes, it is a bad habit and I'm trying to not be too depended upon spell check. I wonder what happens if I have to write anything on paper where spell check doesn't exist? So, I know how important it is to learn how to spell without the aid of spell check.

I know in America, Americans are not taught the importance of spelling is without spell check. Most of the time we're able to get by, but no one wants to be embarrassed due to limited spelling capacities. I noticed more and more Americans growing overly depended upon spell check and less having the ability to spell without a computer assisting them.

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