16 September, 2021

Nintendo Switch Streaming Updates (and some other updates)

Since getting my Nintendo Switch back, I started getting some games. Since I first streamed on my Xbox One, then on the PS4, I wanted to start streaming on my Nintendo Switch. It's pretty cool because I have the Animal Crossing limited edition. So, I learned about streaming through the Switch, and got the Elgato capture card due to its good reviews and endorsements by other streamers. I'm just getting my laptop together for streaming and of course so I won't do my assignments on my phone and tablet. I was able to solely use my phone for streaming that Ratchet and Clank gameplay, but I saw I needed a laptop for streaming on the Nintendo Switch. 

I observed other Twitch profiles to see how I can improve my own. I believe it's best to better enhance the Tikaani Moon branding, for I already have a pretty solid brand. As I said before, I'll soon add a camera and mic to my stream. I have a mic for my Youtube channel, but I now learned more about mics over the years. So I may get another mic to have the best quality. 

I've also explored the idea of streaming on Facebook and that's why I didn't get rid of my account. 

And other updates....

I've been recently working on my finished manga while constantly getting distracted by school. I promise to at least have something available. I won't promise this year, but soon. 

12 September, 2021

Lagging Fixed on Twitch

Just as the title says, the lagging issues I had on Twitch was finally fixed. Now I can stream good quality gameplay. Yesterday, I streamed Ratchet and Clank. It's not the newest one "Rift Apart", but the one available on PS4. Trust me, I tried getting my hands on the PS5, but I saw I had to wait until it's back in stock. I originally wanted the newest Xbox console since I'm a huge fan of Microsoft and their tech stuff (they teach many courses in Computer Science), but I watched the demo of the new Ratchet and Clank. As of then, I knew I had to play it. It wasn't made available on the Xbox and so I had to get the PS5 to play it. I never played the Ratchet and Clank games, and so I was new to everything, but I still think it's an exciting game. My interest began when I watched the Ratchet and Clank movie. I think I like it so much because it reminds me of Crash, and plus the space, Science Fiction setting. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I love games with cute animals, and Ratchet I thought was one of the cutest animal characters. 

Anyway, I figured out the problem with the lagging issues. Turns out, it was my internet provider that caused mostly all of my problems. When switching providers, many of my internet problems had disappeared. Well yeah, I still have some trouble, but I'm able to work and stream better. Since moving, we were forced to change providers since we moved farther up north. It's not way up north, but kind of central Minnesota but still upper north than where we were. Our previous provider couldn't properly service our new area. 

This was my first try streaming using a console, and using my PS4, but I'll try it next on my Xbox One. I have many games on my Nintendo Switch I would like to stream too, but I found out you need a computer for that. I am still without a computer. I do know what the problem is. My laptop keeps overheating and cutting off randomly, and so I learned it needs to be opened up and cleaned of the dust that normally builds up in computers. I also found out the Lenovo brand has an overheating problem. Since it is one of the best streaming laptops, I'll fix it. I thought this would help me practice my skills for my schooling. So, I bought thermal paste to replace it on the CPU. Once getting my laptop fixed up, I'll be working on streaming my Nintendo Switch games.

07 September, 2021

Tablet Updates

 As promised, I was going to give a tablet update. 

This is my new tablet which is a Duoduogo brand. I was taken it out of the case it comes with. I wanted a tablet that's a all in-one computer. 

The keyboard it comes with. I at first didn't know how to connect it with the tablet. With a YouTube tutorial, I saw I was supposed to go to settings, go to Bluetooth, but make sure it list your tablet device on the screen. 

And here's the pen and mouse it comes with. I just needed a drawing app to use. I wanted to use the Procreate, but I found out it's made only available on mobile phones and the IPad. That was a bummer. I did find Photoshop and other drawing tools I can use to practice my designing skills. 

So I wanted to share this and I'll make sure to give more updates soon. 

01 September, 2021

IWSG: September 1st 2021


An Insecure Writer's Support Group post is in the beginning of September this month. I'm writing this on my new computer which is more like a tablet. I haven’t got the hang of using my tablet so that's why I'm back on my phone, which is why I bought the tablet. 

"How do you define success as a writer? Is it holding your book in your hand? Having a short story published? Making a certain amount of income from your writing?"

To me personally it's about getting paid doing what you love. Of course it's not really about the money for me, although it would be nice to get income from writing. Being able to see something that you did yourself, that you wrote yourself. So I guess having my ideas being brought to life instead of them always being in my head. I would love to see a physical copy of my book. I guess actually holding my book in my hand, yeah. I go into a store and I see all these writers in their books and I can’t help but want that for myself. I would like to see a book with my name on it that I created myself. 

I think if I could just get this one book out it would be better. I know adding school has delayed everything again but I’m planning on finishing up with the editing. I did see a few errors that I missed. Once I’m done with that I will be publishing it. This to me is another accomplishment. I do have other projects that I’m working on but if I could get my first fantasy series out there I think everything will be smoother for me. Again, I’ve been working on this book for years. I put in a lot of research and work in this book, it would be nice if they’ll pay off. 

Doing anything that you love doing for a living. Finding something that you love and making a career out of it, and I think that’s what I did. I would love to write down everything that inspires me and share it. It would also be great to inspire others, even if I touched the life of one person it would be worth it. 

Sorry if there are any strange errors. I couldn’t work on my tablet and I had to work back on my phone. I actually tried voice to text since I can't write on a phone too well because of my hand injuries. 

25 August, 2021

Naming Characters

My post took a while because I haven't had my laptop working properly. So I wrote this on my phone which I am not used to writing on a phone. 

I have been getting lots of ideas for new WIPs, and every time I get a random thought, I write it down. I don't let nothing go to waste. It seems my creativity will never fail me.

More recently though when I start a new WIP. Well, I don't actually start writing the project. I first create a document for all notes, major events, setting, characters and other important information I need before writing. I then create an outline. Lately, I've noticed the frequent habit of me forgetting to grab names for the characters. I am like, Wait! I don't have any names! Picking names isn't a problem for me, unless I am trying to name a character with an international name. I mean it can get hard finding a large list of names for foreign characters. But I think the difficulty is remembering to name characters before writing in the major scenes. Yes, I tend to write in the major events in the WIP first before figuring out how to connect scenes together. I'll figure that out later. I just refer back to my notes and even character profiles. They are useful in order to incorporate those things about characters in sub-scenes.

I have a few favourite names and favourite cultural names. I find myself drawn to Eastern European names, mainly of Slavic origin. I think they are beautiful names. I also favour Japanese and Native American names. Most people don't notice how beautiful Native American names are. I wish to be able to add the names I love.

I am not very good at creating original names because I can only base it on the second language I speak, Russian. My family have given ideas of names, I will definitely use them.

15 August, 2021

Tablet and Illustration Updates

I remember saying I wanted to illustrate my own posts images, and that is still my plan. This is an important step in branding my posts. I've been researching tablets, which one would be the best for drawing. There's a ton of tablets out there. I wasn't satisfied with the first one I bought and so I wanted to get a better tablet. I ran across tips saying you don't have to get an expensive one in order to illustrate. I do believe sometimes a reasonably priced item is as good as a high priced version. When it comes to illustration, it's up to the designer to produce good art. 

What happened to my current tablet, it was a cheap Huion one. I thought any tablet would do to get the job done. The problem was there are a few steps in order to make the tablet connect to your computer. First, you must go to the Huion website and then click on the downloads. You must make sure you're downloading from the type of tablet you have. I made sure I did that. Once downloading it, I noticed still my computer couldn't be paired with the device. Actually, it never came on the screen. When you draw, it's supposed to show on the computer screen through the drawing software. 

So, this is why I decided to try another tablet. One that's better than the one I tried using. I'll give updates on the tablet I chose and when it arrives. 

09 August, 2021

Posting When I Can

I haven't had time to post lately. I had too much work. Plus, where I moved to, the internet is even worse than where I was. It's hard getting work done that requires the internet like schoolwork and working on my projects, and so, I've been spending my time trying to unpack. 

I'm posting today because this has been the only time I've been able to get anything done on my computer. 

So, our new house was once a Catholic School. Unlike our previous home, I was able to Google the address. That's when I ran across a PDF document stating it was a Catholic School. I thought that was cool, but I found out it's haunted. Again, another haunted house. 

The area I live in is busier, not so much a small town. It's different from what I'm used to. It's a college city pretty much. No, I don't attend one of the colleges here. In fact, I decided to attend a University in Germany called International Univesity of Applied Sciences. There are lots of colleges here, which attracted other college students. Despite that, there are many seniors here too. I think it's a nice balance of young and old. Everything is close by which is convenient. I mean, there's stores, eateries, pharmacy, hospitals, clinics, and even pet hospitals. The downside to this city is I avoid going outside when it gets dark. That's when most of the crime happens. It's not safe for women to walk around here at night. Other than that, people pretty much live and let live. It's new, and so I'm getting used to the area while getting our house together. I'll be sharing my bedroom as soon as I'm done unpacking. 

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