16 January, 2021

My Week Was Kind of Different...

For the beginning of this week, I've been onto the next project, which is to expand the notes for two separate Shonen manga series. One is the first volume I finished, the other is a sports, tournament type. I remember taking a class on Faculty of Manga through Seika Japanese school when it was offered online. I'm not sure if it's still offered online. I noticed most of Japan's online school options have vanished. It was a while back though. Through this class, I learned the culture of manga and how they relate with Japanese culture. So in order to write manga, you must first understand this culture and the behavior. 

Speaking of class, I decided to test out Russian colleges with a 6 week course. Actually too, since I'm moving, I don't think I could've enrolled right now just yet. From experience, I know America can have some pretty bad schools; the instructors can be nightmares or either really great. It all depends. The experiences mostly at American schools have been bad. So I thought to try an international college. So, I thought of testing out Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. To see how their curriculum is, their instructors and everything like that. This is only the first week, so it's too early to rate everything just yet. So far however, I do like this school. It's also an introduction of Computer Science, since I never done things like this before. At first, it did seem overwhelming and too complex for me, but I am beginning to understand things now. It was a pretty big disaster actually because I had to learn Python coding, circuit building and etc. in 1 week. I've done nothing else, but learn everything I needed to learn about all of these things in 1 week. I bookmarked all useful sites and made notes of everything. I wasn't a math person during school, which seems weird that I am learning Algebra and Algorithms. Years ago, I wouldn't have thought I would be here now. This is all necessary however in order to learn how to program games. Become a game and app creator, plus a web developer. It kind of all starts here.

I just really love the country Russia. So much, that I'm obsessed with attending college there. I found 2 offering online. However, I also love the UK. So I'm torn as to where to attend now. I'll share when I made a decision. Who knows, it may even be Germany. I know many of these colleges though want some sort of academic background in mathematics, and this is why I took this course to give myself a math background.

So, due to studying and the moving process, my other work took the backburner temporarily. I now worry if school would put my writing last to the point I can't get it done. I hope not. 

09 January, 2021

Gaming Updates (And Writing Updates)

 So after the past week, things died down a bit. It's not so crazy, but I'm still quite busy. 

Since everything is packed including my Xbox One, I've been wanting to get the new Xbox console. This whole moving incident probably helped with my decision. There's been lots of awesome games I wanted to play. I couldn't wait until I moved to play them. I also know my Twitch account laid dormant. I just hate our internet here. We're going to a rural location, but I think our internet will be fine. I suppose. I'll share the games I picked. 

Despite of everything, I managed to get something done. It wasn't as much as I wanted, but it's something. It bothered me about this one manga. I only have a few scenes to fill in, and it seem hard to do. Not even that. I think there's just a few sentences in these scenes. Yesterday, I wrote a lot in, but I have two scenes left. I kind of skip around the entire manga or book to fill in the scenes until it's done. I know it's random, but this is how I do things. Then I reread it to see how it sounds altogether. A manga is easier than a book because you only have a panel script to write in. Nothing more. So why is it taking so long? I noticed my seizures affecting my ability to think of ideas faster.  

UPDATES: Later on that same day, I was able to finish the manga. Only volume 1 though. I would like to have different projects done for various formats.

06 January, 2021

IWSG: January 6 2021


It's the first Insecure Writer's Support Group Post for 2021, and so as always I'll answer the optional question.

Being a writer, when you're reading someone else's work, what stops you from finishing a book/throws you out of the story/frustrates you the most about other people's books?

Perhaps this question would be the main reason why I don't read modern books. From years of studying writing, I do know experts advise to read modern books from modern authors within your genre. I've been recently trying to just see what is already out there for Fantasy books, since I'll be publishing a Fantasy book once I'm done rereading it over again. The same applies to manga how you're advised to just see what's out there that's similar to your work. I'll publish a Shonen manga first and so I've been trying to read other Shonen manga series. 

With this stated, with both writing formats, I'm always annoyed by female characters and how many writers choose to develop them. Either the slutty type or the annoying wallflower type. Well, both are annoying to me. I feel when it comes to female characters, they only have one or two traits, cardboarded. For male characters, I see more details in their development, more varied aspects of their personalities are thought out more so for males than females. It came to the point where I actually preferred to read manga and books with male leads, and mostly all male characters. Male characters are developed more so to get the job done, while female characters fall short; are unable to complete the things they must do. If female characters are developed so they do get things done, I ran across books and manga where mostly these are the slutty types. I'm a no nonsense person, which is why many books forced me to like male characters over female characters. 

I remember running across a writer who said his job was to taint the minds of the youth. This is the primary reason I dislike modern books, and one statement I disagree with. I started writing Polar Qimuktis and my other projects as a teen, but now I'm in my 20's. During my reading, I am still considered the "youth", but I know younger readers would read my work. So, I just don't believe in corrupting young minds; I couldn't conscientiously do this knowing that younger people are mimicking things from their entertainment. When it comes to me as a reader, I don't like surprises. This is when you don't know what's in the book until you actually read it, and then I find material I didn't want to read about. I feel there should be some sort of warning to let you know about the book before you buy it. 

I guess these are all of my thoughts on this...  

03 January, 2021

During Hiatus

It's been months since I've played any game on my Xbox nor on my PS4. Now, all the games I've missed I wanted to play. I have to wait until I move first. I don't think my work and schooling will keep me away from gaming too much. 

The funny thing that happened in 2020, I wanted to play the Animal Crossing New Horizon when it was announced. It was the reason why I wanted the Nintendo Switch. My family ends up playing the game though, not me. I watch them play, and sort of grew uninterested. I've moved on to other games now, but I still like following the game and watching others play it. 

The same thing happened with the PSVR. We first purchased the PS4, then later on bought the VR for it. I tried the VR a few times, but not as many times as my family has. I noticed having a severe headache after each use. Then I started having seizures; So I had to stop wearing the VR headset. I never had a seizure during the actual VR gameplay though, so I think I'll test it out again. 

Well, I haven't been able to play anything lately. Instead of playing games, I've been mostly learning the process of creating them. What's pretty cool about the international schools, they incorporate game design into their curriculum. 

During my writing hiatus, I've been learning more about modern writers and modern books. Most importantly, I've been brushing up on writing tutorials. No, I haven't edited the Polar Qimuktis since October, but I have jotted down ideas for new projects. Mostly I had to write it down on a phone and then write it on my computer when I get home. I can't wait to move so I can finally resume to editing again. I hate my health delayed releasing the book, but I can't do anything about it now. 

I may add to this later, but I just wrote this just to have something to post. 

27 December, 2020

Cutting Down on Pet Bedding: Update

I missed the Saturday post, but I'm posting now. The whole moving process has allowed me to realize how much our pets run through bedding. This is something everyone forgets to mention when buying Guinea Pigs, especially the recommended amount. One alone can use a lot of bedding, but it is highly recommended to pair Guinea Pigs because they are social animals. It is best to pair them with Pigs of the same gender I feel, although they have some strange behaviours I don't really like that they do. 

So, instead of a blanket, we tried puppy training pads. They are soft and can give them warmth as well. Of course you know how much Guinea Pigs eat. Our Guinea Pigs were eating all day and soaking their pads every few hours, which had to be changed constantly. I remember trying it out with our last batch, and it not working, but I thought we could try it again. Plus, we needed to keep them warm during travel in our car. Since this happens, I'm not sure how other Guinea Pig owners use the blanket or fleece method. They are completely soaked after a couple of hours. What it leaves is a strong ammonia smell that can be harmful to humans from long exposure to the smell. If their waste is not cleaned up in a timely fashion, Guinea Pigs can develop infections and other illnesses. Many of these diseases are passable to humans. In fact, Guinea Pigs are compared to wild rodents. When reading articles stating this, I knew how important it is that our Guinea Pigs don't stay long in their waste. 

What we learned from other Guinea Pig owners, some don't let their water be available 24/7 like what we do. Ours always have access to food and water all day, even through the night. We recently tried putting them on a schedule with their water only. Since they eat lots of fruit and vegetables, they are getting water through their food. Actually, our Pigs we have to monitor with the water anyway because they'll keep drinking until it's empty in one drinking session. I noticed all of our Guinea Pigs have this behaviour. Many times we have to tell them when it's enough. It just actually worked out with the schedule. Their water is given to them in the morning. After everyone is finished, we remove the bottle from the cage. If not, they'll just empty the entire bottle in one session anyway, making the bedding soaked within seconds. When this happens, we change it several times a day. So, taking up the water preserves the bedding for a few days or a day. However, the Pigs are given the water at specific times of the day, but while being given fruits and vegetables. 

I think this way is a good method in monitoring how much water a Guinea Pig drinks, while keeping them hydrated with foods. I mean, it's a way I found effective in preserving pet bedding. If I find another way, I'll post it.    

19 December, 2020

New Plans for Blogger (Along with Updates)

I haven't had time to pull out my tablet or sketchbooks to draw the art for my posts yet. I'm still packed and waiting for our house to sale. Actually, I wasn't quite satisfied with my tablet and will be purchasing a new drawing tablet; one that would work better. I currently have a Huion Tablet, but I wasn't successful in pairing it with my laptop. Also, I just was not happy with the purchase. So I've been doing some research on drawing tablets so I won't make the same mistake again. I'll have to get it when I move though. The tablet is currently packed, but I will find it and post again on my review of it. 

The tablet will also help for my fashion projects and to create fabric. I considered taking some Fashion course focused on Fashion Business or Merchandising. This is to better help me on my road to launching my online store. I already chose the Computer Science, but I've thought to take other classes as well. 

I decided to post on both Blogger and Wordpress. So, I haven't ended blogging on this platform. The Blogger one might be going through some visual changes. That's to fit with the posting, but I may leave it. Currently, I'm just playing with ideas on what to do with the blog. 

As I knew I wouldn't, I didn't have any time to post during the week. I was worried I wouldn't make it to post today, but I did! I'll post more updates when I can. I will hope to post during the week if I have time. Thanks for reading. 

12 December, 2020

Tikaani Moon is Returning to Wordpress

 In an earlier post, I stated I wouldn't move to Wordpress. However, recent turn of events led me to change my mind. At first I didn't know how to properly use Wordpress. Getting deeper into computer stuff has helped me navigate through websites better, especially Wordpress. Therefore, I needed to announce that Tikaani Moon will be migrating to Wordpress. I already imported Blogger posts to the site and I'm customizing according to the brand. Here is the working progress so far: 

The Tikaani Moon theme and brand is what enticed me to try out Wordpress again. That was since I no longer saw the "upload template" feature here. I received two emails from Google. One stating older blogs would be removed starting june of 2021. The other is unrelated to blogs, but about Google Drive being changed as well. Documents not opened two years or more will be deleted. With these changes, I was worried about Blogger and the future of Google. I wondered, why so many downsizes? Why so many cuts? Well, currently majoring in Computer Science, I do hear wonderful aspects of Google regarding their technology. 

Anyway, the main reason I was returning to art due to my blogs. I'll update my blogs with my own Tikaani Moon illustration because I do draw. I don't have time now, but once I move, I'll get on making these illustrations tailored for each posts. I promise to not have another naked post again. I just prefer to have my own branding instead of a recycled image. This is why my posts have no image until I create one. 

These are the updates I wanted to share. I'm not too sure, but I may be real busy this week. I've been trying to post within the week and then the weekend, but I can't. 

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