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  • During extensive research, I have gathered that it is beneficial for a writer to utilize social sites. Well, not only writers, but for anyone looking to market. Social sites is a great way of promoting and marketing yourself. Let people know you have something magnificent to offer them. It's also good to first build an excellent reputation with as many people as you can. I mean, people who would actually be interested in you and what you have to offer.

    I've discovered, it's not always good for marketing to just add random people on Facebook. You may have a thousands friends, but it's good to allow people to come to you. You can also friend individuals similar to you with a nice, professional message telling why you should connect. I prefer to always say if you wish not to connect, I prefer if you simply ignore my friend request, or politely say you are not interested. Besides making that a constant habit you'll probably get this. . .

    When I first signed up for Facebook, I use to do this. Luckily however, the people I have friended coincidentally are interested in the topics I write about.

    Or on Twitter turning to the easy route in receiving many followers (if you follow a certain account or retweet something you'll get more followers)  However, some people may have difficulties getting people to acknowledge their existence, especially if you are the Invisible Wolf. While there a lot who has the gift of being naturally capable of connecting and communicating with others, some may have to almost go that extra mile in order to be noticed. Either way, I try to market with different approaches until something is successful (still trying to). 

    I have took the time out to sign up for almost every social site available. If you name it, I'm certain I am a member. Of course excluding dating sites, besides, this is merely for the benefit of marketing. It is whether beneficial to sign up for as many sites as you can/may to gain more recognition. Also I have found a few information on how to properly gain notirity on different sites.

    It is a very informative article on gaining popularity on Twitter.
    How to Be More Popular on Twitter: 8 Steps - wikiHow

    This one I found on Twitter from @MichaelHyatt:

    Found it to be very informative as well

    Marketing on Social Sites

  • After years of writing, I have recently discovered the benefits of writing an outline before actually writing.

    Since I was young, I began writing and working on the first book that I plan on publishing soon. During the years, I consulted with my mother; we realized it wasn't quite worthy of publishing or even finishing. So many times, I would find myself rewriting the entire book and even reconstructing the plot, pacing, characters and theme. You know, when you're a young writer, you're often lost with an idea.

    Although many humans prefer to just write as they go along, but once it's time to read it, there are often many issues regarding the finished product. Writers would realize the book can be inconsistent, issues with pacing, scenes can be annoyingly interminable, and there can also be a lot of unnecessary and/or useless material in the story. When I use to do this, I often discovered these problems with my finished or almost finished work. That's why I took so much time rewriting the entire book, omitting things that were unnecessary. Writers who do not outline often have to take more time rewriting, editing, rereading and are more likely to be plagued with writer's block. However, some humans who do not use outlines believe outlines merely limits creativity. In fact, for many writers it may work for them.            

    Just recently, I've discovered the great benefits of outling a novel. Not only my novels I outline, however, but every project including manga and screenplays before actually writing them. Writers that outline would agree that it eliminates all of the headaches when not outlining a book. Outlines are the map to a story, permitting writers of knowing what will happen in every chapter and how the story will end. This also eliminates writer's block. If you happen to get stuck, you can always refer back to your outline to help you. Outlines can be as simple and as detailed as a writer want. You can always edit or revise them if needed.

    I know for now on, I will always outline my projects before officially starting the adventure. 

    This is for me however. I've ran across blogs, articles and experts etc. who tell humans the correct way is to outline or not to outline. In this debate, there really isn't no right or wrong way. I feel whatever works for someone else, may not work for another. So that's what I had to share about writing outlines.

    Adventures in Outling a Novel

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