27 August, 2014

The Truth about DeviantArt Artists: Comic, Manga & Cartoonist

This blog was going to be dormant until it was redesigned, but however something has came to my attention. Through many readings and piecing information together, I and very few has discovered the truth about hiring DeviantArt Comic, Manga and Cartoon artists for long term. Now this is according to what has been read. Some may argue they haven't had any problems regarding this. Most likely however, they hired not for long term.

I recently submitted a journal entry regarding this issue: http://tikaanimoon1.deviantart.com/journal/Logo-Design-and-Future-Job-Offers-477631368

As written in the journal, I have been working on 3 manga projects. 2 are a full Shounen series and 1 is a Shoujo. After collecting this information regarding hiring a manga artists from DA (DeviantArt), doubts indeed have arrived. In this post, I will mention all of the issues that hasn't been in the journal.

1. "Vanish"

Many writers when hiring a comic/manga artists for long term always mention that their artists suddenly vanishes on them. When adding that it is long term, and require a full commitment, eventually they will leave regardless. Writers hire innumerable artists redundantly. They are always replacing someone who for some reason cannot continue work. I have read a useful piece of journal entry by Kenshinro7: http://tikaanimoon1.deviantart.com/journal/Popular-post-I-made-on-a-Business-website-472506840 Unfortunately, he is another, but a good manga writer whose also experienced this issue. According to this, artists often leave due to the fact once a project is published or gains popularity, pressure arises. However, these artists fail to realize what exactly is a long term commitment. After working with the writer for awhile, the artists will abruptly resign. This is in the unprofessional way. Often there would be a sudden lost of communication, which comes to the other issue...

2.   Communication

I have also read that dealing with many artists, often there will be poor communication. The writer wouldn't hear from the artists for several weeks, many times even months or close to a year (if you'll wait that long). This is of course without any updates on the project. Just the artists would be incapable of maintaining communication during this business transaction. Most artists on DA does not realize that this is a business, as much as the writers who are oblivious to the business industry of art, manga and comics. Anyway, the writer will not have any assurance of their credibility.

 3. Hiatus

Those who are familiar with DA should also be familiar with the often use of hiatus. This returns us to the fact artists fails to maintain professionalism and business savvy. Well, most are young and on the amateurish level. Even the "pro" artists fall short. Mainly, I believe they prefer to be hired for small projects; projects where they could be leisure and not rushed. Most DA artists cannot work regularly to a deadline, and most of the fact, they refuse to. Keep in mind, majority consider their art merely hobbies, pastimes, something they occasionally do during free time. When considering what a hobby is, they are pastime activities where an individual can always finish when desired by them. Also, these activities, they are capable of quitting at free will. You do not get those luxuries when hired on for a serious, long term commitment. Countless resign when these hires become serious, and more than just a hobby. If I was to post a job offer, I would doubt if they are serious about long term.

4. Pay

This is most evident when performing transactions online. It is for someone you've most likely never met before. Most writers on DA are young and often take artists at face value too much. They always assume these individuals are genuine and credible. I have read on the job offer forum where artists would insolently insist that they receive upfront payment (or deposits). However most of times when writers do this, the artists take the money and never starts on the project. They may never hear from them again, after pay. This is due to the fact most artists on DA are more desperate for money, than they are devoted and passionate about art. Their motives can sometimes be readable by the postings they post, and how they reply to these job offers. Nonetheless, many of these writers fail to notice it. 

5. Editing & Changing Designs/Illustrations

I personally have experienced artists who are stubborn to make simple edits to the designs. When writers give them honest feedback and suggest they change it, most of times artists are reluctant to do so. They may make 1 edit, but only if it is extremely simple, but nothing else. If asking to make additional changes, this for some reason frustrates them. This is even after paying them upfront or those deposits. Many artists fail to realize that writers are entitled to receive what they paid for. Plus, the reason they were hired. It is simple, if they got it right the first time, they would not have those problems.

6. Instructions

Artists when given instructions, no matter how simple, they cannot seem to follow them. Kenshinro7 for example again said he asked an artist to follow according to the script of his manga. At first, the artist was not. Most of times when working for long term manga, comic etc., they will get the designs incorrect. Of course, majority usually are the same native speakers as the artists. Indeed they are human. Nonetheless, it remains unprofessional how artists cannot follow instructions. Is it that they lack the capacity? Or they desire to simply do as they feel? This is also a major issue, due to the fact artists dislike making changes to designs. They prefer for the writers to take it as is.

7. Ego

Whether or not believable to others, majority of artists on DA contain an overinflated ego. Many have the impression they are complete experts on art, manga and comics. Also they over exalt their work. I read quite a bit in the job offers of insolence, arrogance and unnecessary confrontation. When reviewing previous offers, many speak to the writers as if they do not know anything. Well, majority are in fact new and clueless about this industry. However, what makes these artists a professor just because they know little? What is to say their research is incorrect as well? Do keep in mind, they are just as young as the writers on DA. Even if the posters in the job offer knows little, has incorrect research, vague or no information about the job, there is in fact a professional way of explaining. It is most unnecessary to argue, or complain how they know nothing. This comes to the issue that many artists on DA are usually difficult to work with and is highly confrontational.

8. Overcharged

I have also been looking around at artwork and the prizes of this work. Compared to the studios and companies for manga, comic and cartoons, I'd say most on DA are not worth what these artists charge. Even if their work is half way decent, still they overcharge for their work. Due to the fact I am willing to invest any amount for my projects, many artists will most likely take advantage over this.    

This was something that needed to be posted immediately. I remain skeptical if hiring an artist from DA would be a smart investment. This is taking a huge gamble with money and time. Like what was said in the journal, these projects are still being worked on and is unfinished. However, if possible, I would avoid using these artists. When more issues regarding this arrives, I shall add them to this post.

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