21 August, 2015

Having a Good Connection...

I would have been marketed my trademark, but I wished not to. Why when I do not have anything published yet? Not published but it is a good progress. I have began to write games now. Anyway though, I am sure I would have more audience if I did market it and put the trademark out there, but that’s not smart with nothing to show. Tikaani Moon also went with the book series I am going to publish first. That’s why I had to remain anonymous, especially with whom I become, a living doll, and that does not fit anything I write. No other site but Facebook had a problem with me being anonymous. I signed up for so many social sites for marketing, and not one has done what Facebook did.

Kina Williams has just graduated from a business major and is assisting me with my marketing and work. She linked me with her college, Rasmussen college. She personally knows the CEO, and others who work their at the college. She has also connected me with other CEO’s and actors who visit the college. They are interested in me and is willing to help me, including Brad Pitt and Kevin James. I have also spoken with others who wish to read and share my work when it is published. Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Ian Somerhalder. Facebook would want proof of that and lock my account if I shared this there. 

However, I am glad to be leaving Facebook. Out of all the “friends” I have on facebook, no one has really supported me. There are those who asked about my projects, what were they about. I wasn’t about to share it with it not being copyrighted, and next thing I know it, they stole my work. Also not one has been liking, commenting and sharing my posts. No one even looked at my posts. So how was I suppose to market to an audience like that? I took everyone’s advice from research in liking, commenting and sharing others’ post, but in reality that does not even work. They do not return the favor. Majority will not like, comment and share your posts because you did the same for them. Humans are just not like that. I have also been getting a better response on other sites other than Facebook. I get no response at all, even when I tried interacting with my so called friends. I am also glad to be getting rid of the idiot who reported me. That could have been anyone, I am sure my so called friends.

 This is such an inconvenience. I was waiting for a book to be published and I was established to fully develop and reveal an actual character I will portray. Facebook has forced me to start the project now unfortunately. The point of being anonymous was for privacy, avoid conflicts in my beliefs and Tikaani Moon fitted the stories I write more than I did. That was the whole point, facebook. I am searching Skillots and DeviantArt for an artist, who can draw an anime character I will portray. I liked the wolf better because it did not gender anything at all. No one knew what gender I was, and that was better for marketing purposes and due to the type of novels and work I write. Many of my novels have male main characters, and most in the story will most likely be male. Also I write shounen manga, which is the boy’s genre in Japanese manga. No matter what, I shall never use Facebook for anything. Once I am done with my spotify music, I will leave that site for good. It has became less professional anyway, and it’s not a very good site for business and professionalism anymore. I consider Facebook as the ghetto.

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