07 August, 2015

My Negative Experience on Facebook

Recently Facebook has been giving me a difficult time. Due to the series of problems I had with this site, no matter the research I did about how Facebook is good for authors, I will not be using this site at all.
From past bad experiences with humans trying to solicit me, messaging me with inappropriate things, trying to talk to me when I'm way younger than they are, and also many, many stories of Facebook related crimes, and even the issues Facebook had with those porn images, I thought it would be best for me to go anonymous. This is the reason why I did not share all of my personal and private information on the internet (anywhere on the internet). I wish to keep myself far from trouble. I am fully aware humans are wolves, sharks, vultures just waiting for their next prey. I read about internet safety and the mistakes that many make that ends their life. There are also many reasons as to why I went anonymous, and based upon my research I publicly shared why I went anonymous, but here is the list again:

  1. Privacy: I dislike everyone knowing my personal business. I wish to keep things networking, business oriented and professional. I went anonymous, not sharing a gender, age or anything because I have gotten unwanted attention due to me sharing the type of information Facebook forced me to share and is still forcing me to share. Simple fact, I did not wish for anyone to know who I was. I just wish to write without the attention, because like I said plenty of times, I do not write for the world, but because it is my passion.
  2. Tikaani Moon Fitted Better: Yes, the theme and name Tikaani Moon most fitted the stories I write more than my real name. Also too, due to some of my works may get criticism due to who I am and my beliefs, I decided to go anonymous to avoid all of that. Also from research, I read it is good to go anonymous for race or gender issues.   
  3. Dark Material: Again due to my lifestyle, some of my works can be a contradiction and too dark for someone like me to have written. That is another reason I went anonymous. Tikaani Moon better suited the themes, all of the themes of my works.

Recently in August, someone, one of my "friends" I'm sure reported me and stated I was not a real person. That's when Facebook locked me out of my account, and being that my Spotify is also linked to my account, this was not working. I noticed I could not sign in to my Spotify account. Now I do pay for Spotify Premium which makes it worse, and that it is very important to me that I listen to music when I write. It gives me great inspiration and helps me write the next scene or come up with character profiles. For awhile, I have spent hours building up all of the music I need for my inspiration. I really only listen to music and to Spotify because of my writing and when I write. Not only was my Spotify account ruined, but my Wattpad, the account I was using to promote and give samples of my works when they were published. Recently, I had to unlink my Wattpad from Facebook in order to get into my account.

Facebook gave me and continues to give me a series of "Confirm your Identity" test, which are a series of random humans from my friend list, and I am expected to answer them right. It says I can skip 2, but really they want me to answer all of them right. Now, for a very long time, I have been inactive on Facebook due to me being busy. I have more than 40 books, 100+ manga, games and everything to write, plus my family is usually scrambling and busy, and plus, I spend majority of my time researching and doing business type things. Most likely however someone like myself would not hardly remember who the human is by a random photo (Some I remembered, even from knowing them personally). Also my complaint is this, how am I suppose to know who the person is by looking at a photo of President Bush? Or some random man from the news I've never even seen before? Or an obvious photo of a commercially photographed image of an obvious model on the beach wearing a bikini? Or a picture of someone's feet? Due to the quality of the camera too, I would say who took a photo of the feet was not the friend themselves.

If I sat there, observing each and everyone of my friends' photos on Facebook, wouldn't I be labeled a stalker? And someone who is busy, who has time to carefully look at all of the photos from your friends, from the tagged photos? Because Facebook tested me only on the photos my "friends" we're tagged in. It would have been easier if it was some profile picture, but they randomized it to make it almost impossible for me to answer them right. I did this about 2 times or more and I was able to return to my Facebook account, which was importantly getting back to my Spotify account only for a brief moment.

I kept posting on my wall this is a real account, and even had those who I personally know publicly confirm I am real and that they knew me personally. However let's be realistic, most of the humans on Facebook do not friend or have as friends humans they have met or they know personally. So I do not know why they make such a big deal out of this, when they know majority on Facebook do not know personally their friends. I added those I felt would better help my marketing audience for my works, and I had picked the right circle.

Recently though, Facebook yet again locked me out of my account and of course out of Spotify. I did many of these confirm my identity tests, when I was greeted by a message stating I must upload a picture of my ID. Reluctantly, I did so. Oh by the way, during this time, my family repeatedly calls Facebook upon how I did not wish to have my information on Facebook, on the internet at all. They of course seemed to have ignored all of the messages they received and did whatever they wished to do. Meaning no matter how many times we've asked them to contact us back, they would not, and ignored us completely. Okay, now Facebook says I am locked out of my Facebook account, which means again my Spotify account (now Spotify is saying my account has been terminated) until they review it, which takes them a day or two to do. After that, Facebook forced me to publicly place my full real name on the internet, also my age, birthday, gender, full address (including the street, zip code and city), number and other personal information on Facebook so everyone can see (Even when we asked them many times not to post my personal information on my profile). If I did not agree, guess what? I wasn't getting my Spotify account back or my Facebook account I believed by research was important for marketing and being a writer.

My neighbor (That I know personally!!) confirms again I am real and he knows me personally. They must have thought I told him to say that or he was untruthful. It remains not to be enough for Facebook. They give me more series of photos from my friends' tagged album, "Confirm my Identity" over and over again, locking me out of my account. Now what was the problem then? I gave them my ID picture, and they forced me to publicly reveal my full identity, what I took years and so hard to keep concealed. Now Facebook wants me to take another photo of my ID again. The next problem was, I had taken a picture of my ID with my phone, which I didn't see what the problem was. Everything was perfectly clear, clear enough for them to enforce the revealing of my identity on Facebook. They were saying and giving hints to take a picture with a digital camera or scan it in. I had just gotten my ID renewed and I received a yellow paper, but Facebook I'm sure due to them wanting also a photo, would not accept that paper. After that I filled out some of my personal information on my profile and confirmed my real family member as a family member, now they are asking for my immigration card or passport. They make it seem like I am an immigrant or an illegal immigrant. No matter what our DNA says, my family are American Citizens and it is offensive to accuse us of not being American Citizens. They gave me very clear hints on I can upload a picture of my ID, and then many immigrant and passport related ID's, and even proof that I am not illegal. It suddenly changed from Social Security and other normal things, to the immigration related topic. This was again after I confirmed my real family member, and they pieced together where my family comes from. This is because my family and DNA mostly can sum up of non-American countries, but that does not give them the right to assume I'm not an American Citizen or is an illegal immigrant.

They want another ID and my face to now be shared publicly on the internet, which I do not think it is fair and right. I mean, there are many humans on Facebook who do not have their faces, real names or information on their profiles. Many do not even have most of their profiles filled out, but yet Facebook or no one on the matter reports, bullies and harasses them. I feel like I am getting bullied by Facebook and not a user this time. Facebook did not respect my wishes in not wanting to be exploited anymore on the internet. Why don't I have a right to not share private and personal information on the web? Why don't I have the right to keep myself safe among sharks on Facebook? They know that site has turned into a dating site, and also attracted humans who posts pornographic material which I find is very explicit and inappropriate.

My family member who is also on Facebook has also been harassed. She has been harassed by men on Facebook, and even those who spam her, and even Facebook marks the messages as spam, and also men who tag and post inappropriate images and things on her wall. Her block list is long due to her information being on Facebook. Not sure how, but they had her address too publicly on the site and so she removed it.
I have also another family member where she was reported with not being a real person on Facebook. For many times they gave her a hard time for not posting a picture of herself on their site. They even banned her from even using their site completely, deactivating every account automatically that she created again. It wasn't until she posted a picture of herself that they left her alone. I am beginning to believe this is what Facebook is trying to force me to do.

Facebook keeps saying they do not believe I gave out my real name and my information is fake. How when I gave them a picture of my ID? Not by choice, but by force. Facebook believed I did not give them my real ID (I guess it went back to that passport/immigration step I did not do). How can I give them an immigration card when I have none? How on earth can I prove that I'm not an illegal immigrant that Facebook would approve? Also I do not even have a passport to show to Facebook. This is even more difficult when there is no real way in contacting Facebook to even explain anything. We called, sent messages and any possible way, but we had no luck in a response back. Out of all our explaining though, Facebook seems one sided and does not even listen to what the user has to say.

Facebook is forcing me to post a picture of my face, and continue to fill out all of my personal and private information on the internet. I do not wish to post my face on Facebook, due to issues other humans have, including my family by posting their photos on the site. I do not want to be called sexy, beautiful or anything, or someone trying to talk to me. They stalk and harass you today, so why can't my request in not sharing a picture of myself on the internet can be respected by Facebook? It's things I did not wish to be revealed. I did notice however it started when I posted things related to living dolls. They are legit and real people, but many like to criticize and pick on these types of people. Living Dolls are simply humans who dress as living dolls, nothing more, well at least that was simply my motive behind sharing it.

Also someone and/or Facebook find it hard to believe that I have started the amount of projects I claim to have started, and I cannot be a writer being my age. I am unlike the youth of today. I strive to be ambitious, to gain knowledge and to become a professionally published writer. They find it hard to believe I am a novelists, professional manga writer, screenwriter and game writer, and that I have this stuff going for myself. Well, no one has really supported me in my quest, I have to say. Everyone has not been concerned, wishing to steal my ideas or putting me down, but that's not going to stop me. When I am published, everyone will see that I am in fact real, serious and determined. Facebook is also along with others accusing me of not sharing my real occupation/career, when it is real. I am a real writer. Also Facebook does not believe I was homeschooled, when that was the truth. What more proof that I am real do they want from me? They seem not satisfied until I'm the next prey, and then they wish to apologize after I'm dead.

In fact, I even write a book related to predators on the internet. It is a good way of reminding myself and others that many should be aware, not to be so naive and trusting of others. 

I have to say, I never had any other problems with any other social media about my identity. They have respected that I wish to be anonymous, and they willingly accept my genuine and logical reasons. Due to Facebook ruining my identity, I have begun to create a new character. Recently however, I decided to cancel the character and just use myself for my author brand. This will change the theme/brand completely. I have no choice though.

So I am not about to further exploit myself to the internet, and so I will leave Facebook and not use it for my projects and business, ever. I dislike how Facebook has changed and their policies and everything. I also do not think it is fair to harass and to target me, and to pick at everything about me. To question me. I took off personal information due to my account and the humans on there not respecting it was only for my projects and business. I wished to keep it professional. When I was completely anonymous on Facebook, I noticed I was not being bothered by anyone at all. They knew that I meant business and my only purpose was for professional networking. I have to say, Facebook has became less and less professional and I even question is Facebook even worth it. The problem with that is my Spotify account. If I let that go, then my Spotify would be lost, including my hours of building up my inspiration playlists. Most of the music on Spotify I saved I probably would not even remember.


  1. I remember when FB and Google wanted people to start signing in to various websites using their FB and Google logins a few years back. I guessed that would lead to trouble in the future, and for you it has. My advice to others is to not link all of your accounts this way. If someone hacks you, they can hack all of the accounts associated with FB and Google (not to mention locking you out of them as well). I'm not happy with FB for a variety of other reasons and am toying with the idea of leaving them as well. I think you made the right decision to leave. ;)

  2. Yes, I learned to stop linking my accounts together, but at first, it was required for Spotify. I will never be happy with Facebook.


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