19 November, 2015

Why I do not Recommend Absolute Write Water Cooler Forum

Many recommended Absolute Write Water Cooler Forum for writers. What I later learned was that MacAllister Stone and their followers (especially on Twitter and personal blogs) engages in many racist, harassing and cyberbully activities to users that are banned from the site. None practice restraint neither do they care about sharing exactly how they feel about the forum users or anyone else; this is with constant negative comments in a quite childish way. First, this post wasn't to slander the reputation of anyone, but to spare anyone else of what I went through.

Now the recent problem is this Absolute Write Forum Site. I posted about how I was writing a novel about our experience in our haunted house and how we didn't know the history of the house. By the way, we were not requesting for advice or criticism. I wrote "novel" instead of book because the members were making such a big deal over the fact I wrote novel instead of book. I don't believe it matter if I wrote novel or book.

Then all of a sudden I was getting criticism after criticism about how novel = fiction, but the real issue was this woman who assumed we did not understand how the marketing, writing and publishing industry works. She was saying how we're going to be in deep trouble if we market a book saying its true events, and only to have find out that it's fabricated. She was rude and knew nothing about us, and had no right to try to belittle us. This was not advice. Everyone was claiming the book was fictional.

However, before gaining up on me, maybe they should have stayed to read how names are changed and some things were cleaned up. For example, many things were omitted because we do have spirits in the house that are perverted, and so some things will not be shared to the public. Also some colorful language that was said will be cleaned up. Only the swearing said by the spirits will remain, but not from the family. Also those who experienced activity outside the house, we are changing their names. Even neighbors, pastors and everyone else involved. However I do not think it matters if we call it a novel or a book. That had been the only time I called it a novel anyway. They were suggesting to everyone that the book does not have true events in it, and that it's fictional writing. Every time I post in this forum site, I had always gotten negative responses no matter the subject.

When my manager also my mother replied to them, they banned me saying how I overstayed my welcome. I wasn't going to go public with it, just saying how I will not use that site for my marketing. When I went on Twitter, I found out that Absolute Write, MacAllister Stone tweeted publicly what we said. At first we were not aware that this human had done this. That is when my manager told them to share the story in its entirety and said they will have a lawsuit on their hands if they continue to share us publicly. However, MacAllister Stone and their followers instead spoke criticizing and negative tweets back to back, constantly about us. I retweeted them so that our attorney can see the tweets on my profile, so they wouldn't have to look around on Twitter for them herself. She agreed to help us with this issue. Just when I thought that we will just let it go, that's when MacAllister Stone rallied their followers to try and tarnish our reputation, our names and the haunted house we live in.

They criticized everything that we have said, and even shared constantly the forum post without us even having access to it because they banned us. They said we were idiots, joking of how we won't amount to anything; all types of things was said. They shared videos (racists videos) describing our "stupidity", shared our comments on their blogs and almost everything they can think of to harass us. This hasn't ended I'm afraid, because MacAllister Stone blocked me on Twitter so that they can continue on with telling lies and talking about us without our knowledge. They also asked how was that harassment? Were they serious? How does it sound when MacAllister Stone shared us publicly, obviously referring to us and then rallying their followers to every hour talk about us, criticize us and to try and lose us followers and our reputation.

We were getting also mentions when we tried defending ourselves on Twitter. One in particular tweeted me constantly nonstop about how I did not understand the replies to my post on the site. It was very childish and just showed their true character in public, which actually made THEM  look really stupid. Every Tweet that MacAllister Stone and their followers tweet is almost referring to us, which we call harassment. They even were tweeting to us back to back, nonstop. They made jokes out of us, trying to make us look like fools, idiots and everything. Like we do not understand anything, we're illiterate, uneducated (I guess like how you stereotype foreigners, right?).  Even our house, Proud Land they were trying to rally all of their followers to say the book is fictional. If they continue, they think this will lose readers, followers, marketing and everything for us when the book is finally finished and published. They also are aiming to have the house to be exposed and stamped as a fraudulent case.

Recently, I believe they are getting very racist and outrageous with their joking and criticisms. They are saying now my manager's 7 degrees weren't in English, we use machine translators assuming we are foreigners and we can't speak good English. Although they did not know we knew they were referring to us (that's how many of the tweets work too. They try to tweet things, thinking we don't know they are talking about us. How? When they are linking everything back to us?).

Suggesting we are terrorists and is a member of ISIS. They were also making fun of our ethnic backgrounds, which I found offensive and definitely racist. There were mainly videos they found that offensively mocked cultures from my ancestry. For instance, the content in the videos would criticize how "stupid" Arabs behaved, or how stupidly Middle Eastern people dressed. Stuff that was racially mocking in a jokingly way. We are not terrorists, neither were we involved in the Paris attacks. Yes, they were even accusing us of being directly involved in the terrorist attacks that happened in Paris, France. Also they were making constant jokes about Asian humans (we are mixed with Southeast Asian ancestry); how Asians who do not know English try to write in English.

We reported and had many removed off of Twitter, but that does not stop them, for they continue on with this. I wish it would stop, because this is quite unprofessional, idiotic and childish. It is even childish how they share everything that we send to them, asking them to stop the constant tweets about us. Actually, I am uncertain how they are allowed to tweet these things on Twitter without anything happening to them. Both my manager and I had to constantly put a report out on the tweets. For a long time and still, Twitter support told us they did not see anything wrong, see a violation or see what we were talking about when it was plainly on Twitter. I guess so we can stop contacting them, Twitter just decided to remove the tweets, although they still did not see any violation in the harassing tweets. That is why we called our attorney to assist us. There are still several harassing tweets on Twitter that support refused to remove. It doesn't make sense to me though because anyone can see the tweets are all harassing, offensive, racist and spam.

I know some people may ask, why didn't I just block them? Well, for some reason, Twitter would not allow me to block any of the users. They would threaten to suspend my account if I blocked them, which I feel was extremely unfair to do. Twitter allowed thousands of its users to team up and harass me and my mom.
I find nothing wrong with having your mother to be your manager, when she has the qualified background education and experience. Also 7 degrees, and is the only human I would trust with my work even before its copyrighted. I do not trust outsiders with my work. She is also my manager for my living doll lifestyle, and also is my supervisor in the same company Prohealth Care Home Health Care Services. We do not have to prove anything to them, and this is just getting us ready and use to future criticism that is to come as we progress.    

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