23 December, 2015

Absolute Write - MacAllister: The Post

I recently (although I found out this isn't recent activity) found out MacAllister has went on to another forum user, and has their followers to constantly tweet about this human as they have done us. I discovered also this is not the first time besides us they have done this to. 

I believe after my experience with them and everything they are doing, this Absolute Write forum site should be shut down.

I have gathered the actual postings of what was said to us. First to clear is that it's hard to write on a phone for me, and novel was the only thing that was appearing on the phone when I tried writing book. However I do not have to explain myself, and after that first reply of this human trying to correct me in saying novel = fiction, I got angry when they tried to publicly insult my intelligence like I did not know what I was saying. So this is why I said it doesn't matter, in which it does not. Actually that was the only time I called the book about our haunted house, Proud Land a novel anyway. No one anywhere else has ever made so much of a fuss over this. That is the reason why I got offended and not even understanding anything, including us and our situation, trying to suggestively label the book as fictional. MacAllister has also done this with their Twitter followers they have rallied together, to say the haunted house and book is fictional/fraudulent. We lived through the disturbing and bizarre experience of living in this haunted house, they have not. All hours of the night unable to get any sleep because of the spirits, physically attacking us, the crazy and disturbing sightings; what was heard and felt constantly without end. 

First I will share what the ban message said:
"You have been banned for the following reason:
You can always appeal to MacAllister via the Contact Us form, but you just outstayed your welcome.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

If my manager (although with colorful language) hadn't of stepped in and said what she said, the criticizing would have continued. The moderator allowed so many of their users to gain up on us, trying to belittle us and make it seem like we are illiterate in the writing industry. As obvious as the forum is, this would have continued on with the criticism, rude remarks and everything. Again, we were NOT requesting criticism or what they would call it "Advice". 

Here is the forum that MacAllister and their followers repetitively tweeted and shared on their blogs (I found a woman saying what not to say in a forum. MacAllister kept saying, "For those playing along at home.")


What really angered us were these replies in particular:

By Scriptissima:
Actually, it does matter when you are looking for publishers (unless you want to self-publish); and it also matters in how you market the book. Readers (like trade publishers) don't like to be misled, so if you market a book as nonfiction (which implies and actually requires that all of the reported events are true) and it turns out that all or some of the events have been fabricated, you set yourself up to a market backlash of potentially epic proportions. Which is why the concerned users in this forum are trying to help you by pointing out what constitutes nonfiction and what constitutes fiction. A novel is a fictional book, but - obviously - you can base your fictional book ( = the novel) on true events. This is done a lot. A "nonfictional novel," however, is am oxymoron and simply doesn't exist.
A devastating loss for this site, I'm sure. ;-)

And dang those users who dedicate hours of their time and volunteer sharing their invaluable knowledge free of charge with other people...

I will make sure to prepare some popcorn to share with the group as this ought to be fun to watch. :-)

Must not be a very good dictionary, as the distinction does, in fact, matter.
Best of luck to you and much success in your writing endeavors.

 She never knew the situation where the phone was actually auto-correcting my word book to novel, but it doesn't matter anyway. I said it didn't matter due to the nature of how they tried to give out their so called advice. To me this is not advice, but just a rude know it all who thinks she knows more than us, and has no clue of our educational background. We already knew what's the difference between fiction and nonfiction, and a book from a novel. So she didn't need to lecture us on this.

By ShaunHorton: 

If it doesn't matter what we call it, why would you or your manager be offended? A writer is an artist of words. Every word has specific meanings and as writers, we need to know what words mean and use them correctly.

Maybe instead of being offended yourselves, you should worry about whether readers will be offended when they pick up a "novel" and find something which is just dozens of accounts of events, and not an actual story.

That's a derail though. 

And then:

Whoa whoa whoa. You're claiming your house is haunted by creepypasta's? Oh. Okay. Well, good luck calling it non-fiction then. 
This is quite offensive due to the nature of these spirits as we have came to discover. I have done the extensive research to know many creatures/beings/creepypasta labeled as mythical are not mythical at all. We have seen these spirits in our house and is subjected to living with them, being tormented all hours of the day and night, not them. With these experiences and facts, remarks like these are highly offensive when the human themselves have not even spent a day in our house. I know due to the world believing them as mere mythical, we will get criticism. It is not like we are incapable of taking criticism, for we believe all feedback/comments etc. either good or bad is beneficial for spreading the buzz about the book and the house. Also being a writer and living doll I am aware of criticism, even harsh ones. I think though these individuals have taken their criticism too far, especially when they harassed us constantly on Twitter to publicly go against us, our reputation, the house and the book.   

And by another user:

Sad. Such anger isn't going to get you anywhere. Also, though I'm not a moderator, you stand a good chance of getting yourself banned from this site. I'm sure you won't feel any great loss (I know I won't) but it does give you bad reputation that could come back to haunt you. Remember, there are all sorts from the writing industry on this forum some just starting, other well established. 
This human just needs to shut up. In reality this will not come back to haunt us, in fact I would even be glad that it is mentioned if someone does mention this, even later on.

Some tweets Twitter has not removed, and so I will share the tweets from MacAllister and their followers. I believe also their recent and past harassment of their users are worthy of mentioning to show they have harassed other Absolute Write Forum users. Many Google searches pulled up many accounts of other users being banned and also how the Absolute Write Forum is a bully forum site. After many of my postings receiving negative criticism, I do believe this to be true.

Links worthy of sharing:

  1. http://writeabsolutereviews.blogspot.com/2014/02/examples-of-bad-writer-advice-provided.html 
  2. http://www.stopthegrbullies.com/tag/absolute-write-water-cooler/ 
  3. http://writeabsolutereviews.blogspot.com/ 


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