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  • My manager and I have a long list of places we would like to visit. I am fascinated and can be obsessed in military history. My favourites of the US are the American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, American Civil War, World War 2 and Vietnam. First we are traveling to almost every American Civil War site there is. Since I write about the American Civil War, I can learn a few things. I find the American Civil War particularly interesting than any other civil war because it is interesting to learn how the US was once divided, and once went to war against itself. Speaking of the American Civil War, I wish to share my tidings on how the American Civil War started (there are many reasons most do not know or may have forgotten it was not solely about slavery, although one of few reasons). I also wish to share things about the Generals and other information relating to the American Civil War.

    I also made plans to visit the historical sites in Minnesota. I have even found some American Civil War sites in the State. We will travel to these as well. Some give the option of camping, but I dislike camping. Plus, I do not know how to set up a tent.

    Some sites such as the American Revolutionary War, they are located in Canada. So we will be visiting Canada.

    For outside North America, only for a visit, I would love to visit Turkey when it is a good time. Turkey is one of my favourite countries. The place I have always wanted to visit is Israel, but unfortunately I feel it is not a very safe land to visit. I find Tehran, Iran and Egypt beautiful, but not for me to visit. However, I will definitely visit the UK and South Korea. My other important reason for worrying about traveling is my dislike in spiders, centipedes, Bees, Dragonflies, any abnormally large insect especially those that can fly (and those that cannot fly). I own pet scorpions, snakes and have owned other exotic animals. So I am not fearful like that. In fact I may even take a scorpion, snake or something interesting home, even if possible a baby Crocodile.  

    I am sharing the sites I am going to bring recognition and promote the history and place. There is a great decrease of interest in history and things of that sort in the US, but I find the American Civil War and many other historical things fascinating. I hope to assist in promoting these historical sites and events. I value history, tradition and everything related, so I have strong belief in learning historical things and sticking with tradition.

    The first site will be (and worth mentioning)...

    The James J. Hill House located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. I have read a few things on the history, about a Canadian American railroad executive, businessman from the Victorian era. I recommend visiting this site, although I never been here before. I will be sharing my review/experience after visiting every place I go. If possible, I will photograph and if allowed take some video footage that will be uploaded on YouTube. Of course I am doing my travels after completing my living doll appearance. Regarding the James J. Hill House, I find the artwork and everything I see online beautiful. I am hoping to learn more about James J. Hill and the location, outside from the research I have already done about both.

     Prospect House & Civil War Museum in Battle Lake, Minnesota, USA. One of some American Civil War sites in this State. This one in particular is the location that allows outdoor camping, but not sure about camping. It may be an interesting experience, but I am more interested in the museum, seeing the historic things and learning more about this particular historic location. The scenery and location is amazing. This one has a great deal of forestry/woodsy type areas surrounding the museum.

    I will share a list of others later, hopefully when the blog has been upgraded. Still a working progress.

    Travel Plans

  • After my incident with Facebook and confirming where I work, I have been having a deal of trouble with Twitter (that MacAllister Stone did not make it any better to suggest I was a terrorist), Google and other sites. They are monitoring my mother and I like we are flagged or something. I am getting sick of it. I guess since I never gave Facebook immigration proof, they are flagging me? Now Google keeps changing my location to Afghanistan every time I change it back that I live in the US. How is this possible when Google is monitoring every place that I go and they see it is in the US? How can I be in two places at once?

    I was born in the US and I have a birth certificate to prove it. So they could never send me back to anywhere, especially Afghanistan. I am not sure what sort of thing Facebook flagged me with, but I can tell it is not good. I believe this is unfair and discriminating how Facebook has made other sites think they have to keep a keen eye on my family. It all started when Facebook flagged my account as fake and my ID information false. Also forcing me to reveal my full identity. It was far better when I was anonymous. I may share any proof that I was born in the US. Currently, I do not have a passport, although I will be getting one soon. Plus, I have never left outside the country. It can be shameful to be a part of an ethnic race that is known for all sorts of violence, but it isn't like I have control over what race I am. I believe it is fair to state that every race is known for some sort of violence (none more heinous than the other), and not only the Middle Eastern. I can never hide it due to Google and other sites and my job.

    My job because I just realized my boss mostly hires his own kind (apparently everyone else also knows this). Everyone pretty much knew when Facebook forced me to share my other profession. No matter how someone of Pro-Health Care tries to hide it, they all know it is an all Muslim ran company and only those of Middle Eastern descent works there. Out of all the workers, there is only two who are not Arabs. It seems my boss knew something I didn't even know at first. I recently found out my true ethnic background (now it is making sense). I know nothing about the Middle Eastern countries only what I read and hear. From what I have read, I am certain neither do I belong in those countries. I am only familiar with the American life. Please discontinue with the discrimination, accusing my family as immigrants, illegal immigrants, terrorist and is a member of ISIS. This is unfair to me when I have never made any racial discrimination against anyone, or any discrimination of any kind. The only thing I want is peace and to be left alone. 


    Awkward But Urgent Topic

  • I returned temporarily. Just wanted to share my research. During my studies, I recently read how Arctic Dog Breeds were on the top 10 list of the most dangerous dogs most likely to turn on their owners. Now the news and media is turning many against these breed types I am trying to promote.

    I can explain the Arctic Breed's behavior. They are designed for a musher, or someone who sled dogs to own. They require a lot of exercise everyday, and not just a walk around the block. This breed type is more suited to pull a sled and be trained as a sled dog. I discovered many having behavior issues if taken outside of their natural environment. However today, everyday human beings are becoming less and less interested in sled dogging. There is no demand in the sport as it use to be. Originally sled dogging was an important source for transportation. Now human beings have vehicles, planes and other things beside dogs.

    As it proceeds in the days, human beings try hard to tame the Arctic Breed into a normal pet environment when it is almost impossible. I use to own an Alaskan Husky, Siberian Husky and an Alaskan Malamute. So I have experience with these breed types. I did notice that it is difficult to make this dog adapt to the modern, non-sled dog world. Also, these dogs must have a strong, stern, naturally dominant, athletic owner who prefers the cold and who has a lot of land. This is also the reason most Arctic Breeds responds better and more to male owners, but they can to female owners, but they must have certain requirements in order to be taken seriously to these breed types. However many may not know, but I was training my dogs for mushing/sled dogging. I wanted to be a musher. However living in a haunted house where the spirits make the dogs aggressive and ill, this was not working out too well.

    All I have to say to this is, there needs to be more mushers and those appreciative of the sport sled dogging.   

    Arctic Breeds: Recent News

  • This is for reference (this information is more like my living doll profile and introduction). I am a living doll based in the US, Minnesota. I go by the name Sweet Pea. My native language is English. For work and writing purposes I am learning Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Norwegian and a few others.

    I first would like to share how I became a living doll. It all started when my mother said I should become a living doll because she thinks I look like a doll and would make a perfect human doll. Honestly it took years for me to become one. I did not like makeup, dresses, skirts, nail polish, the color pink or doing anything that was too girly. Yes, I use to be a tomboy. Now it is hard to tell. In 2014 I think is when I decided to take my mother's suggestion in becoming a human doll. However, so no one can get any ideas, I was not forced or pressured into being a living doll. In fact, she accepted that I did not want to be one. Recently I gave it a try and discovered I love being a human doll. I am not tomboyish as I was. In fact, I always wear dresses and skirts and never went back to pants. Also, I will not go anywhere without eyelashes and makeup. I even wear doll like dresses and skirts in the winter. So I did not become a living doll by looking at other living dolls or anything else. Also although my mother suggested being a living doll, getting plastic surgery was completely my decision. I would like to include the fact that my mother is not like many mother's or family members I have seen. She is not using me for her ticket to get rich. Evidently if it was her idea originally, she would fully support how I dress and everything about me being a living doll.

    Being a living doll has changed my entire lifestyle, personality a bit and interests. I am more into everything kawaii. Speaking of interest, I can share my interests for reference also. I like classic literature, business, history, education/learning, military history, wolves, sled dogs, tattoo and body modification society, video games and different cultures. I also love music. Mostly I listen to music when I write. My favourites are Jpop, Kpop, Chinese, German, Norwegian, French, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and instrumental/soundtrack/orchestra. For music in English, I like rock, oldies, 80's, 90's. I am old fashion when it comes to this music (English). In my opinion, the US was at its greatest with music in the 1980's. For other music (not in English), I like to keep up to date and listen to the newest music and older music as well.

     My bedroom is getting a complete makeover to fit more of doll room. Everyday, I wear almost all Lolita fashions, variety of Kei, all Decora, Steampunk; also I wear historical clothing from Renaissance, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Retro, 1980's and 1990's. I love wearing things that Audrey Hepburn wore with a lolita spin on her outfits, and also exact outfits. Mainly I portray as characters from anime, games, Touhou Project (game), Vocaloid, Utau and cartoons. I wear a doll like outfit, doll makeup, eyelashes, accessories and wigs. Wigs are better to wear since I currently portray as existing characters and dolls. Most are cosplay type wigs, although this is beyond the cosplay category. Also because I feel it is better. That way I do not have to cut or dye my own hair. This way also I can be versatile. Recently I stopped purchasing doll clothing because my mother is an excellent clothing maker. She regularly sew kimonos for my sister. All of her clothing looks store bought. I am glad to be learning from the best. We both are going to start making my outfits to be more unique. Who also has inspired me for my daily wear is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Evelyn Nesbit (a model from the early 1900's), again Audrey Hepburn (Love her!), Emilie Autumn and a few dolls. I take inspiration mostly from antique figurines and dolls. I'm a living doll who takes on the more classier approach. I will not dress trashy, not even for photoshoots or everyday. I do not believe in dressing like a whore not even for cosplay.

    I will get plastic surgery to look more like an Ellowyne Wilde doll. There are too many Barbies and anime type dolls, so I searched for hours for the perfect doll for reference. For a plastic surgeon of course. I thought of becoming a single character, but I do not want to be a one trick pony. My mother is the one who told me that I looked more like an Ellowyne Wilde doll, and I agreed. That way I won't have to get too many surgeries to look like the doll. Anyway, this is an Ellowyne Doll:

    I love the Ellowyne Wilde Doll due to its style, and I find the style similar to my own style.

    I am one of few living dolls who can work at a normal and professional job wearing my full doll style. My work is a nursing assistant at Pro-Health Care Home Health Services. Those I work with and even my boss does not care what I'm dress as, although no one there is dressed this way. No matter how bizarre my attire may be, they all pretend not to notice what I'm wearing. There is no double looks, no staring or anything. The most I would get, is a coworker acknowledging my fashion and say, "That's a nice dress". They are also nonchalant about my decision in getting doll surgery. My mother told our boss I became a living doll, he was nonchalant. He also said because they are Muslim (most at work) they do not judge, and so that is why he does not care.

    I haven't had many problems wearing my doll clothing in public. There may be some strange looks and questions as to why I'm dressed the way I am. I feel it depends where I go and the individuals' ethnicity. The most issues I have are with churches, Christians or other Christ based religions (Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic etc.) and others that do not understand doll culture or Japanese fashion. Some clinics and hospitals I get this a few times as well. For the most part, no one really says anything to me. I get many positive responses and few negative or confused responses. More positive. In my opinion, normal clothing now is too boring for me. I do not care that I am the only one in public wearing doll clothing

    I plan to do something different with my living doll career. Yes, I have made my living doll life out of a career, and I'm discovering ways I can make a profit out of it. I am pretty much open to almost any profitable opportunity. Although not original plans, I can even be a model or anything. Only thing I will not do or be too desperate to accept is adult entertainment opportunities. Recently, I decided to visit those in hospitals and nursing homes. I also visit military veterans. Since I am in the medical field already, I minus well.

    Okay for reference, I will answer why I am a living doll. It is not for attention or anything else. It is for the following reasons:

    1. I love dressing like a doll and being different. I prefer to stand out than to blend in or just go with what everyone else likes. 
    2. I think all other clothing is boring and does not interest me anymore. 
    3. I feel more confident when I wear my doll clothing. This is the real me.
    4. The living doll society is a beautiful art that can be considered body modification if plastic surgery is involved. It's not weird at all to me and I do not see anything wrong with being a living doll.
     Later on after being a living doll, I discovered other living dolls. This is not a competition for me. I am saying this ahead of time because I notice many living dolls or those online make it a competition. I do not care who looks better or anything like that. My favourite living dolls are:

     Anastasiya Shpagina


     Venus Angelic

     Dakota Rose


    Angelica Kenova

      Valeria Lukyanova

    I have seen many posts say she is from Russia, but I think she is actually Ukrainian? But then Wikipedia has said she is Russian, so I'm not sure.


     Vanilla Chamu

     Andressa Damiani

    Lolita Richi

    Who is she?! I really would like to know!

    I like many other living dolls as well. These are only a few.

    So I wanted to post this before I return to my studying and trying to finish my book.


    Sweet Pea The Living Doll

  • After watching a YouTube video to improve my Japanese, I heard of the site iTalki. According to them, this was a good site to learn languages. This seemed like a useful site, where I can learn from human beings who know the language. I have found some helpful articles. However I am beginning to get tired of trying to use iTalki for my language learning. I am only there to learn for my work, job and business purposes. I again came across problems and the downfall of not being anonymous anymore.

    Although I understand for specific languages like Arabic, French, Turkish, Dutch (Japanese, Korean and Chinese I have no difficulties understanding and pronouncing) and more I need to learn for writing projects and work reasons; some are good to hear to know how to properly pronounce words. However I still dislike the idea of being forced to use Skype, some type of voice or video communication when I simply say I prefer not to. I am uncomfortable with this because I have many issues with males communicating with me. After awhile the conversations change to weird and the dating issue. It does not matter what site I am on. Also it does not matter how many miles they are.

    What I expected from iTalki and did not:


    I assumed from watching the video iTalki was more professional, and was perfect for a professional like me. I did not expect the site to be as annoying and social. I knew it was a social site, but not like that. 

    I am not social. I am introverted, reserved and live an isolated life. I assumed iTalki was only going to be a useful learning tool for languages. Yes the articles, but I got more than what I wanted or thought from iTalki. I was leery and uncomfortable with the idea of speaking to so many strangers. I did not trust giving them contact information they asked for, number, email and other things. I chose Google Hangouts because it is easier for me to block if something does not work out with that individual.

     For my language learning, males offered to assist me with their language and to be language partners (The site was more successful for learning Arabic and Turkish). For the record, I am no sexist, but for something as personal and social as that, I preferred to be communicated by female members. Instead, I was not. Yes I have by female members, but a few, not as much as I received communication from males. I saw a potential issue with this. Like what I said, after awhile, eventually males become weird, they stalk, harass and keep mentioning dating related topics; also calling me by names I dislike from males (honey, beautiful, sexy, sweetie although my living doll nickname is sweet pea, they have different motives) and etc. 

    Recently, I decided to deactivate my iTalki account and disconnect myself from those I connected with on other sites. Only 3 from Twitter and those that follow on Google and is not obsessed in communicating I will not, but all of the rest are going and being blocked. It is only due to harassment or confrontations. Let me share some examples.

    Okay, so there were some incidents where it seemed they weren't where they claimed to have lived. 

    There was this one guy who thought living dolls were the same as prostitutes or something. So he kept asking inappropriate questions and then I explained to him what is a living doll. However, he continued to show this alarming behaviour. There were many who asked to meet up or to date, and they wouldn't stop. They would harass me every time. I feel people should respect other's wishes. No one would even start on a language lesson, and I noticed the Japanese or Korean speakers (even instructors) were standoffish only because I was interested in learning Arabic. They had no interest in teaching me Japanese or Korean or even connecting to be language partners. 

    There was one girl from Iraq who connected with me. She once again, never started teaching me Arabic, but was criticizing my education only because I was homeschooled. She assumed being homeschooled is the same as being a drop out, in which it is not. Actually, most people misunderstand the concept of being homeschooled. If I was a drop out, that would mean I only have a 6th grade education and that is not the case. Actually, you have to report to the public school and take tests they give you. The public school gives you work to do, books to read and tests almost everyday. Also, there are people who monitor you to make sure you are actually doing the work they give you. If you are not learning, they force you back in public school. It is doing the same activities you would do in public school, but only you are at home. Actually, it seems they give you even more work to make sure you are learning. However, I had a desire to expand my knowledge. I took college courses/classes the entire time, and continue to. There are programs to take college courses without stepping foot into the college. My mother was always in college, so I learned everything she was learning, while taking homeschool tests, college courses and conducting research on my own time. That is why on LinkedIn,  my courses and education list is so long.  So, it is an insult when people like this girl questions my education. After that, she disconnected with me and didn't want to teach me Arabic. 

    It was the last straw when I met this man from India. I thought it was a good tool to learn how others live in their country, and so I gave it another try. Then this guy comes along and says how he dislikes Arabs, and he didn't like me only because I am an Arab. He believed Arabs were selfish, suspicious, delusional and other things. He kept harassing me about this and so I had to block him. After that, I decided to leave iTalki. Especially if no one was going to actually teach me a language.


    Another Reason Why I deactivated My iTalki Account


    After awhile, I started to notice a high similarity with Facebook and iTalki. It makes it even more weird how when deactivating the account, I had to give an explanation like Facebook. With my past issue with that site, I loathed this. I also believe Facebook is affiliated with iTalki in some way, like it seems Twitter is affiliated with Facebook. 

    iTalki: My Review On the Language Learning Site

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