18 February, 2016

Awkward But Urgent Topic

After my incident with Facebook and confirming where I work, I have been having a deal of trouble with Twitter (that MacAllister Stone did not make it any better to suggest I was a terrorist), Google and other sites. They are monitoring my mother and I like we are flagged or something. I am getting sick of it. I guess since I never gave Facebook immigration proof, they are flagging me? Now Google keeps changing my location to Afghanistan every time I change it back that I live in the US. How is this possible when Google is monitoring every place that I go and they see it is in the US? How can I be in two places at once?

I was born in the US and I have a birth certificate to prove it. So they could never send me back to anywhere, especially Afghanistan. I am not sure what sort of thing Facebook flagged me with, but I can tell it is not good. I believe this is unfair and discriminating how Facebook has made other sites think they have to keep a keen eye on my family. It all started when Facebook flagged my account as fake and my ID information false. Also forcing me to reveal my full identity. It was far better when I was anonymous. I may share any proof that I was born in the US. Currently, I do not have a passport, although I will be getting one soon. Plus, I have never left outside the country. It can be shameful to be a part of an ethnic race that is known for all sorts of violence, but it isn't like I have control over what race I am. I believe it is fair to state that every race is known for some sort of violence (none more heinous than the other), and not only the Middle Eastern. I can never hide it due to Google and other sites and my job.

My job because I just realized my boss mostly hires his own kind (apparently everyone else also knows this). Everyone pretty much knew when Facebook forced me to share my other profession. No matter how someone of Pro-Health Care tries to hide it, they all know it is an all Muslim ran company and only those of Middle Eastern descent works there. Out of all the workers, there is only two who are not Arabs. It seems my boss knew something I didn't even know at first. I recently found out my true ethnic background (now it is making sense). I know nothing about the Middle Eastern countries only what I read and hear. From what I have read, I am certain neither do I belong in those countries. I am only familiar with the American life. Please discontinue with the discrimination, accusing my family as immigrants, illegal immigrants, terrorist and is a member of ISIS. This is unfair to me when I have never made any racial discrimination against anyone, or any discrimination of any kind. The only thing I want is peace and to be left alone. 


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