09 February, 2016

Sweet Pea The Living Doll

This is for reference (this information is more like my living doll profile and introduction). I am a living doll based in the US, Minnesota. I go by the name Sweet Pea. My native language is English. For work and writing purposes I am learning Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Norwegian and a few others.

I first would like to share how I became a living doll. It all started when my mother said I should become a living doll because she thinks I look like a doll and would make a perfect human doll. Honestly it took years for me to become one. I did not like makeup, dresses, skirts, nail polish, the color pink or doing anything that was too girly. Yes, I use to be a tomboy. Now it is hard to tell. In 2014 I think is when I decided to take my mother's suggestion in becoming a human doll. However, so no one can get any ideas, I was not forced or pressured into being a living doll. In fact, she accepted that I did not want to be one. Recently I gave it a try and discovered I love being a human doll. I am not tomboyish as I was. In fact, I always wear dresses and skirts and never went back to pants. Also, I will not go anywhere without eyelashes and makeup. I even wear doll like dresses and skirts in the winter. So I did not become a living doll by looking at other living dolls or anything else. Also although my mother suggested being a living doll, getting plastic surgery was completely my decision. I would like to include the fact that my mother is not like many mother's or family members I have seen. She is not using me for her ticket to get rich. Evidently if it was her idea originally, she would fully support how I dress and everything about me being a living doll.

Being a living doll has changed my entire lifestyle, personality a bit and interests. I am more into everything kawaii. Speaking of interest, I can share my interests for reference also. I like classic literature, business, history, education/learning, military history, wolves, sled dogs, tattoo and body modification society, video games and different cultures. I also love music. Mostly I listen to music when I write. My favourites are Jpop, Kpop, Chinese, German, Norwegian, French, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and instrumental/soundtrack/orchestra. For music in English, I like rock, oldies, 80's, 90's. I am old fashion when it comes to this music (English). In my opinion, the US was at its greatest with music in the 1980's. For other music (not in English), I like to keep up to date and listen to the newest music and older music as well.

 My bedroom is getting a complete makeover to fit more of doll room. Everyday, I wear almost all Lolita fashions, variety of Kei, all Decora, Steampunk; also I wear historical clothing from Renaissance, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Retro, 1980's and 1990's. I love wearing things that Audrey Hepburn wore with a lolita spin on her outfits, and also exact outfits. Mainly I portray as characters from anime, games, Touhou Project (game), Vocaloid, Utau and cartoons. I wear a doll like outfit, doll makeup, eyelashes, accessories and wigs. Wigs are better to wear since I currently portray as existing characters and dolls. Most are cosplay type wigs, although this is beyond the cosplay category. Also because I feel it is better. That way I do not have to cut or dye my own hair. This way also I can be versatile. Recently I stopped purchasing doll clothing because my mother is an excellent clothing maker. She regularly sew kimonos for my sister. All of her clothing looks store bought. I am glad to be learning from the best. We both are going to start making my outfits to be more unique. Who also has inspired me for my daily wear is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Evelyn Nesbit (a model from the early 1900's), again Audrey Hepburn (Love her!), Emilie Autumn and a few dolls. I take inspiration mostly from antique figurines and dolls. I'm a living doll who takes on the more classier approach. I will not dress trashy, not even for photoshoots or everyday. I do not believe in dressing like a whore not even for cosplay.

I will get plastic surgery to look more like an Ellowyne Wilde doll. There are too many Barbies and anime type dolls, so I searched for hours for the perfect doll for reference. For a plastic surgeon of course. I thought of becoming a single character, but I do not want to be a one trick pony. My mother is the one who told me that I looked more like an Ellowyne Wilde doll, and I agreed. That way I won't have to get too many surgeries to look like the doll. Anyway, this is an Ellowyne Doll:

I love the Ellowyne Wilde Doll due to its style, and I find the style similar to my own style.

I am one of few living dolls who can work at a normal and professional job wearing my full doll style. My work is a nursing assistant at Pro-Health Care Home Health Services. Those I work with and even my boss does not care what I'm dress as, although no one there is dressed this way. No matter how bizarre my attire may be, they all pretend not to notice what I'm wearing. There is no double looks, no staring or anything. The most I would get, is a coworker acknowledging my fashion and say, "That's a nice dress". They are also nonchalant about my decision in getting doll surgery. My mother told our boss I became a living doll, he was nonchalant. He also said because they are Muslim (most at work) they do not judge, and so that is why he does not care.

I haven't had many problems wearing my doll clothing in public. There may be some strange looks and questions as to why I'm dressed the way I am. I feel it depends where I go and the individuals' ethnicity. The most issues I have are with churches, Christians or other Christ based religions (Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic etc.) and others that do not understand doll culture or Japanese fashion. Some clinics and hospitals I get this a few times as well. For the most part, no one really says anything to me. I get many positive responses and few negative or confused responses. More positive. In my opinion, normal clothing now is too boring for me. I do not care that I am the only one in public wearing doll clothing

I plan to do something different with my living doll career. Yes, I have made my living doll life out of a career, and I'm discovering ways I can make a profit out of it. I am pretty much open to almost any profitable opportunity. Although not original plans, I can even be a model or anything. Only thing I will not do or be too desperate to accept is adult entertainment opportunities. Recently, I decided to visit those in hospitals and nursing homes. I also visit military veterans. Since I am in the medical field already, I minus well.

Okay for reference, I will answer why I am a living doll. It is not for attention or anything else. It is for the following reasons:

  1. I love dressing like a doll and being different. I prefer to stand out than to blend in or just go with what everyone else likes. 
  2. I think all other clothing is boring and does not interest me anymore. 
  3. I feel more confident when I wear my doll clothing. This is the real me.
  4. The living doll society is a beautiful art that can be considered body modification if plastic surgery is involved. It's not weird at all to me and I do not see anything wrong with being a living doll.
 Later on after being a living doll, I discovered other living dolls. This is not a competition for me. I am saying this ahead of time because I notice many living dolls or those online make it a competition. I do not care who looks better or anything like that. My favourite living dolls are:

 Anastasiya Shpagina


 Venus Angelic

 Dakota Rose


Angelica Kenova

  Valeria Lukyanova

I have seen many posts say she is from Russia, but I think she is actually Ukrainian? But then Wikipedia has said she is Russian, so I'm not sure.


 Vanilla Chamu

 Andressa Damiani

Lolita Richi

Who is she?! I really would like to know!

I like many other living dolls as well. These are only a few.

So I wanted to post this before I return to my studying and trying to finish my book.


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