27 February, 2016

Travel Plans

My manager and I have a long list of places we would like to visit. I am fascinated and can be obsessed in military history. My favourites of the US are the American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, American Civil War, World War 2 and Vietnam. First we are traveling to almost every American Civil War site there is. Since I write about the American Civil War, I can learn a few things. I find the American Civil War particularly interesting than any other civil war because it is interesting to learn how the US was once divided, and once went to war against itself. Speaking of the American Civil War, I wish to share my tidings on how the American Civil War started (there are many reasons most do not know or may have forgotten it was not solely about slavery, although one of few reasons). I also wish to share things about the Generals and other information relating to the American Civil War.

I also made plans to visit the historical sites in Minnesota. I have even found some American Civil War sites in the State. We will travel to these as well. Some give the option of camping, but I dislike camping. Plus, I do not know how to set up a tent.

Some sites such as the American Revolutionary War, they are located in Canada. So we will be visiting Canada.

For outside North America, only for a visit, I would love to visit Turkey when it is a good time. Turkey is one of my favourite countries. The place I have always wanted to visit is Israel, but unfortunately I feel it is not a very safe land to visit. I find Tehran, Iran and Egypt beautiful, but not for me to visit. However, I will definitely visit the UK and South Korea. My other important reason for worrying about traveling is my dislike in spiders, centipedes, Bees, Dragonflies, any abnormally large insect especially those that can fly (and those that cannot fly). I own pet scorpions, snakes and have owned other exotic animals. So I am not fearful like that. In fact I may even take a scorpion, snake or something interesting home, even if possible a baby Crocodile.  

I am sharing the sites I am going to bring recognition and promote the history and place. There is a great decrease of interest in history and things of that sort in the US, but I find the American Civil War and many other historical things fascinating. I hope to assist in promoting these historical sites and events. I value history, tradition and everything related, so I have strong belief in learning historical things and sticking with tradition.

The first site will be (and worth mentioning)...

The James J. Hill House located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. I have read a few things on the history, about a Canadian American railroad executive, businessman from the Victorian era. I recommend visiting this site, although I never been here before. I will be sharing my review/experience after visiting every place I go. If possible, I will photograph and if allowed take some video footage that will be uploaded on YouTube. Of course I am doing my travels after completing my living doll appearance. Regarding the James J. Hill House, I find the artwork and everything I see online beautiful. I am hoping to learn more about James J. Hill and the location, outside from the research I have already done about both.

 Prospect House & Civil War Museum in Battle Lake, Minnesota, USA. One of some American Civil War sites in this State. This one in particular is the location that allows outdoor camping, but not sure about camping. It may be an interesting experience, but I am more interested in the museum, seeing the historic things and learning more about this particular historic location. The scenery and location is amazing. This one has a great deal of forestry/woodsy type areas surrounding the museum.

I will share a list of others later, hopefully when the blog has been upgraded. Still a working progress.

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