03 March, 2016

Blog Upgrade Progress

Okay I am in the process of upgrading my blog. Like what was said earlier, the Proud Land blog, the blog for my family's haunted house will be combined to the Tikaani Moon blog: http://mnproudland.blogspot.com/

I am self reliant, it can be difficult to rely on someone else to assist with everything. I say this due to the issues I can have with certain humans. I do appreciate assistance however, and if I can admit if I lack the skills to do something, I will. However I prefer to do everything myself, but like what I said before, I will admit if I cannot do something myself.

I have been reading and watching tutorials on designing a blog and coding. Due to some of my books and manga projects, I may require to learn coding anyway. However currently I cannot code as needed for the blog and the business website. I understand it now more a bit, but cannot code at the time. As one of the tutorials tells, I have changed the template to a white blank simple background. I will try this designing thing, but will hire someone from 99designs if all fails. I may take their services anyway. Although not a specific deadline, I need the blog upgrade as soon as possible. I would like to have this before my move to Japan, which is soon because I already have a company there interested in publishing all of my work. My games have grasped the interest in the arcade, gaming buildings in Japan as well. Also that I would like for the blog to look how I desire it to look.

Currently I am hosting a project to design the background and other artwork for the blog. Tikaani Moon will have a complete change. No longer the mysterious and dark loner. Of course I will keep the Native American theme, but the theme will change completely. It will be kawaii a bit with vintage combined. I just hope it will fit with the projects I write, that is why dark was more fitting my theme. However adaption were required to be made.

I am busy with many things, but I will try to blog. If some wonder why my blog seems random, I blog about all of things I write about. Also I am a living doll, so I only have time to manage one blog.

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