04 March, 2016

February and March Updates

Meanwhile during the upgrade is being done for the blog, I had disturbing updates and news about Proud Land that could not wait. This news would be better for the upgrade, but I just wished to share this.

The book about our experience in the house is being written, yes. It is not finished and I am uncertain what to do due to the constant activity in the house. However living in this house after about 15 years of enduring, surviving and putting up with so much. We have seen, felt, heard and experienced almost everything anyone can ever experience in a haunted house. When the book is finished and published (ready to be read), everyone would fully understand the multitude of what my family endured. I do not believe anyone else could have endured what we have, especially for the length of time. That is why all previous owners did not last more than a year. No pastor or paranormal investigator will visit the house. My family have even contacted the teams from television (Ghost Adventures, TAPS/Ghost Hunters, Nick Groff etc.), and all and even all local teams will not dare step into this house. Artists are even too afraid to draw promotional artwork for the book and blog. 

For February and March updates, before then, nothing was occurring in the house. Just when I was getting use to no activity, the spirits returned with their tormenting with a vengeance. Despite all we've been through, we maintained our ability to survive another year.

Like the chapter for the haunted vehicle, I wonder is this the end for our time living in Proud Land? We plan to continue to own the house, but accepted to make the house into a tour attraction/historic landmark. It is just the activity is worsening each day, and we've had enough. It can be difficult to part since this is my childhood home. Despite this, unfortunately after putting up a good fight against the spirits, they have won. I will soon finish the book which shares everything we been through; Proud Land is a house that is no longer suitable for the name and theme Proud Land, although we will keep the nickname. I look forward to publishing the book to share our experience. Due to its severity and unusual activity, I know Proud Land will be a house that will be known worldwide. It isn't anything anyone has quite experienced or read in a 100% true book. No longer peace is felt, but eeriness and a disturbing energy. The house puts fear in everyone's heart, and leaves a permanent scar that will follow for the rest of your life.  

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