31 March, 2016

Issues With DNA Testing Companies

After extensive research and my personal experiences my family had with the DNA testing companies, I felt an urgency to share my discoveries and my own experience.

Many DNA companies claim they are capable of telling you your ethnic race, which countries you are from and where your ancestors originate from among other things they claim, especially linking you to your real family and relatives. Our family for years have never known our true ethnic race but only knew what we were told from adoption on my mother's part (we discovered this was false information), and we never knew who was our real family. Beforehand, I did research and discovered DNA companies are not 100%. I even read many blogs and my mother showed me many Youtube videos saying how all of it is a hoax just recently. From our own experience, I believe these companies are nothing but liars, hoaxes, frauds only there to take money. In a way I disagree and agree. I somewhat disagree due to the rare times they are actually closely accurate.

 My own experience: Ancestry.com

My mother took a DNA test and sent it in. After a few weeks, Ancestry gave us results. It said the countries that were in relation to her were Iberian Peninsula, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Finland, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, England, Sweden, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Turkey, Middle East (mostly from Islamic countries but not specifying which countries), Hawaii, Maori Lands, China, Japan, South and North Korea, Philippines, Pacific Islands, Congo, Nigeria, New Zealand, Netherlands. Although small percentage, due to our family being of mixed ancestry, the company couldn't accurately tell us which countries our family are from. The list goes on (this is only half), and I believed this was unrealistic how our family can descend from all of these countries. This is because my family are considered people of mixed ancestry. Even my mother is biracial and I am also biracial along with my sister. Ancestry claimed however most of the percentage is from Congo, Nigeria, Senegal and other African countries. This was confusing to us due to our appearance and hair (color and texture) and eye color. Well here is the real incident. My mother's adoptive family are African American (we found a very interesting document on the family though I wished to share soon). I have heard that their family actually descends from Congo, Senegal, Nigeria and other African countries. She contacted Ancestry to tell them this, especially that they are not her real family, but due to the family already having connection with her on the site and what we claim our race is (due to what we were told only). Ancestry disregarded what my mother told them, and only based it on what we thought we were and my mother's adoptive family. The company combined our true background with the adoptive family's background, and random countries. They found no Native American and Jewish traits. The adoptive family claims to have Native American, but I know my family does not. They matched us to who is our family. They seemed like a bunch of random human beings. From many African Americans, to Iranians, Caucasians, Hispanics and all other sorts.

A few weeks later, the result completely changes. This time the results were all European countries. They changed the matches who were our family. My mother and I were confused about this. How can it change this drastically?

That wasn't the end. A week later, the DNA results changed again, but this time the results changed to completely almost 100% African origin. Then the information changed to the slave trade thing. This seemed off and inaccurate. They were way off this time. These results remained for many months.

For the fourth time after my mother contacts Ancestry, the DNA changes again. She is greeted by a strange message saying welcome to seeing her DNA results for the first time. However this was not her first time seeing her results. The fourth result was similar to the first results. There was now mostly Middle Eastern countries, but weirdly combined with my mother's adoptive family's background and origins. The same African countries appeared. This was along with UK countries, Russia, Ukraine and other European countries and Australia.


My mother tried this company 23and Me. We were curious about their results. After registering the kit, my mother had to answer a series of questions to help determine her origins and everything. I purchased a kit based upon a suggestion. However we had second thoughts, but I discovered when trying to cancel the order I could not. 23ndMe says cancellation must happen within 60 minutes or the order cannot be canceled or changed. I wished to change it because I decided that I wanted to give the kit to my step-grandma, but they said changing it was also impossible after 60 minutes. We are waiting forever for the results to return.

Third Important Thing

The Drumgole or also spelled Drumgoole, Drumgold family and also Lindy Boggs also Marie Corinne Morrison CLAIBORNE known as: Lindy Boggs always associate with Drumgole family in my search to know where my family truly came from. Also when I search, I read about how this Rosa or Rosie Drumgole woman use to be a slave on a plantation, but worked in Boggs' adoption agency and was not forced to return to the plantation. Her father was actually the person who told, young Drumgole she should leave the plantation. She worked under Lindy Boggs' agency until she died. I think the story is interesting. Anyway, my family are trying to find out where we truly originate and who we truly relate to. With my own research and piecing things together, I was able to know some information.


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