29 March, 2016

Proud Land: Missing Past?

I have begun the search again of trying to find some historical record of Proud Land, but still nothing. I am going to add in the history of the house in the book, but it is strange how the history of the house is just not there.

I have pulled up some documents, records and historical readings to give me a hint of the neighborhood. I have heard of cemeteries being dug up and parks and other things being built on them. Also, there were many events that could bring dark energy. Although these some tidings, nothing related to the house. I have even went to the city hall and historical places that was suppose to have the history, but they do not.

A few rumors has it that this house was important, but then why is there no record of the house? Almost like it doesn't exist? It is almost like the records do not exist anymore, were destroyed and/or for some reason is not given out to anyone. Yes, I have read of the abnormal string of fires in the town throughout mid 1800's until like 1930. This is extremely abnormal for these many fires to have started as often as they did, but it happened.

This is the issue I was trying to explain to the forum site, but ended up with another annoying problem: http://tikaanimoon.blogspot.com/2015/12/absolute-write-macallister.html

By the way, the suggestions they have suggested were all done already like I said, but still nothing was found. My family has heard that this house was once a farm, store, perhaps somewhere the town would hold town meetings or the thought it could have been anything else. However what is claimed cannot be found because the documents are not there. During my family's search throughout the house, I found old fashion surgical tools such as a tool for amputation and other tools. I have also came across (which will be given in detail in the book) many arrowheads and an old bullet in the yard.

I have found a few names of spirits seen in the house, but I am not sure how they relate to the house. Of course research was conducted on these men, but nothing was found how they connect to the house. The names are:

  1. Thomas Lowry
  2. Alfred Brunson
  3. Joseph H. Baker
  4. John Culbertson 
  5. James H. Baker
  6. Edward D. Neill 
  7. Dr. John Emerson 
Along with others, I feel the Brunson family has a huge relation to the house, but my family are unable to find it. We are open to any information about these gentlemen. Also we have been trying to contact the previous owners with no success.

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