06 March, 2016

Semalt & Upgrading The Blog

Semalt is an eye opener and really helps. Here is how. Well, first how I discovered this website by my blog stats. When I clicked on the link, I discovered how useful it can be to me. Being a perfectionist, I knew mistakes were being made, but now Semalt gave analysis and things about the blog I can improve. I believe the price is worth it and it is not at all a waste of money. Any professional would find this site useful if they are looking to make their blog more successful and error free. Also it gives advice in how to make a certain presence online, and which social sites are really important to have. The link to the Website (About the Company): http://semalt.org/

Yes, it drives me crazy about the errors I have. That is the purpose of the blog upgrade. The upgrade would not only change how the blog looks, but add elements I require to being a business professional, and to be taken seriously. I am planning not to create a website, but my blog is becoming my website in which I discovered many writers doing this. I read how writers don't necessarily need a website if they have a blog, so that is my plan.

The sudden and drastic change to my brand due to Facebook, caused confusion and stuff but I have been trying to introduce. This forced me to do everything over.

Semalt shared how it is important to have Google (also a good audience and following), Twitter and Facebook. That was included with the blog upgrade, I was going to properly input Social Media buttons in the blog. However, I will never do any business or have a Facebook button on my blog. In fact, during the blog upgrade, I am having the Facebook share button removed. If reading my experience with Facebook, I will leave my presence on Facebook absent: http://tikaanimoon.blogspot.com/2015/08/update-about-facebook.html

I understand it is important to build reputation on social media especially as a writer. I'm going to improve my Google marketing approach and all of my approaches. I study marketing and will bring those tactics in. With Semalt and the blogging tutorials, I will improve things more. I am learning coding, IP canonicalization and all that technology stuff is easier to write about than it is to actually do. I am usually writing everything in a book, not really doing it.

I have to also mention a helpful source for blog tutorials. Tom De Spiegelaere

I found his channel on Youtube when trying to look at blogging tutorials. He shared the benefits of blogging and also how to avoid blogging mistakes.

I do not think I can manage more than one blog. I can hardly manage accounts of different social sites. That is why I decided to combine the Proud Land blog and my living doll blog into this blog. There will be pages to each topic, and also the tag labels will assist with this as well I hope. I usually write about everything I write about in my books, manga, games etc. I heard how Tom said about a blog being too broad or otherwise narrow/specific, but this Blogger blog must have compromises. I created however Tumblr blogs for the haunted house, my living doll lifestyle and author career. All of the social media except Facebook will be on the blog soon. I also heard an issue to think about when blogging from Tom. He mentioned about running out of posts/topics or things to write about. Being a writer and with all this stuff going on, I am sure I won't. I hope not.

Also, Tom mentioned how blogging will make you a better writer. Being a writer, I should be a better writer, but I have been noticing my own mistakes. How I write my books is entirely different than when I write anywhere else. Perhaps I should write more how I write my books, but I find it difficult writing not using Old English, Victorian and British grammar. This causes many mistakes. Also my issue is that I have a habit of not proofreading anything before posting, tweeting or sending an email or anything outside of writing my projects. I mostly would have to keep reading it over (afterwards) before noticing a mistake. This I will try to improve on. As I am working on my first book series, I am working to upgrade the blog.

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