29 March, 2016

World's Capital of Halloween & The U.S. Capital of the Witch

For years, many may believe Salem and other places in the world holds the title of the Capital of Halloween, Wicca, Satanic Practices and Witches, but I have uncovered a dark past of Minnesota that remains in the present.

In 1920, Anoka County, Minnesota is the first known location in the world to hold a first Halloween parade and first official celebration of Halloween. Perhaps its past has a huge role in it. Though anyway, in late 1910's up to the 1950's and during the time, there were several displays of mischief and prank playing, which is where (not really officially due to Halloween's older history) official "Trick or Treat". 

Due to our haunted house, I wondered why there was great Satanic, Witch and demonic type activity, therefore research was done. From my research, I also found out Minnesota is known for dark hauntings, but the world does not realize it yet. What my family experienced in our house, well, Proud Land deserves the title of legendary, not limited to U.S., but the world's darkest and haunted house.

Years ago in a church, I remember a pastor telling everyone Minnesota was the State for warlocks and witchcraft. At the time I did not realize this to be true.

I conducted my own research and came across many documentation saying in the twin cities, Anoka County, Columbia Heights, St. Paul and Minneapolis had and still has a large following of witchcraft. This goes back hundreds of years in Minnesota's past. I read as typical, but Minnesota is not called the U.S. capital of the witch if this was not true; if it wasn't true that most who practiced Wicca and black magic were women in the land. The reason can be somewhat understandable. Most women especially in the State felt oppression by the religion of Christianity which was the religion for U.S. Also how in history women were limited, and had no way of leadership especially spiritually. Therefore, they felt they found that in black magic. This is not only in Minnesota, but that is why many women turned to Wicca throughout history and throughout the world. The world and traditional religions limits their potential they believe. Taking up Wicca, they feel (and has) power, leadership opportunities and much more. However the highest number goes to the State of Minnesota. Women in Minnesota were mostly Ex-Christians who were tired of limitations and felt more with purpose in dark magic. It just became a curse and contagious that many took up the Wiccan religion. Most and even my family were shocked of the number of followers. Only in a short time frame in the past, it was said to have been over 20,000 witches in the land and the number was growing. It remains to grow. Not only females took to black magic, but males did as well. That is where the name warlocks come in. This is why also Minnesota holds the title of being the most known for warlocks in the U.S. and even at times in the world. I believe males took more to the Satanic cults/churches though.

Many may not know this at all, but Minnesota especially in the named cities were and are heavy with the occultic cult Church of Satan. There is also many documentation of something called Satan's temple (second). It is so heavy, it almost puts Salem to shame. Today, there are still heavy involvement in Satanism, Church of Satan, Satan's Temple, Wicca and black magic. In fact, there is still a large following of the dark religion. It is known from past to present, they celebrate Halloween or an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. Majority are just oblivious to it.

I just wanted to share my findings, and let others know what location really deserves the titles said. 

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