• Posted by : Tikaani Moon 11 April, 2016

    I have discovered the race called Eurasian, since looking further into my ethnic background. I decided to write about Eurasians, because I noticed there aren't many things about my kind. The definition is basically someone of mixed ancestry/heritage of European and Asian, and also United Kingdom. Asian it is East, South and West Asian, but mainly East Asian. It is said Native Americans descended from West and other parts of the Eurasian country area.

    Many have physical traits from European and Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc.). It is typical that Eurasians have some sort of slanted Asian eyes. However physical characteristics can vary and this is not always the case. The personality, cultural traits an Eurasian would take after varies. No one is not bound by personality, trait, habit and cultural statistics and what is actually typical from these ethnic races. However, it does play some role in how human beings behave and everything else. Strangely my family take habits, communication pattern, personality, beliefs, etiquette and even our food choices from our Arabian and Turkish traits. Also Indian. We take after many traits from East Asian and Russian traits of ours as well.

    Eurasia involves over 100 countries. Therefore it varies upon which of the 100+ countries an Eurasian will have percentage of. Eurasian however means a mix of multiple countries/races. Basically countries of Russia and Europe, and also Asian circle. The countries involved are the following (which would make of an Eurasian):

    1. China
    2. Russia
    3. Belarus 
    4. Ukraine
    5. India
    6. Indonesia 
    7. Pakistan 
    8. Bangladesh 
    9. Japan 
    10. Philippines
    11. Vietnam
    12. Germany
    13. Iran
    14. Iraq
    15. Turkey
    16. Thailand
    17. United Kingdom
    18. France
    19. Italy
    20. Myanmar
    21. South Korea
    22. North Korea
    23. Spain
    24. Poland
    25. Saudi Arabia 
    26. Uzbekistan
    27. Malaysia 
    28. Nepal 
    29. Afghanistan
    30. Yemen
    31. Taiwan
    32. Syria
    33. Sri Lanka
    34. Romania 
    35. Kazakhstan
    36. Netherlands
    37. Cambodia 
    38. Belgium 
    39. Greece
    40. Czech Republic
    41. Portugal 
    42. Hungary
    43. Sweden
    44. Azerbaijan 
    45. United Arab Emirates
    46. Austria 
    47. Tajikistan 
    48. Israel 
    49. Bulgaria 
    50. Serbia
    51. Jordan
    52. Laos
    53. Kyrgyzstan 
    54. Denmark
    55. Singapore
    56. Finland
    57. Slovakia 
    58. Norway
    59. Turkmenistan 
    60. Palestine
    61. Ireland
    62. England
    63. Scotland
    64. Wales
    65. Lebanon 
    66. Croatia 
    67. Oman
    68. Kuwait
    69. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
    70. Georgia
    71. Moldova
    72. Mongolia
    73. Armenia
    74. Lithuania
    75. Albania
    76. Qatar
    77. Macedonia 
    78. Slovenia
    79. Latvia
    80. Kosovo
    81. Bahrain
    82. Estonia 
    83. Timor-Leste
    84. Cyprus 
    85. Bhutan
    86. Macau
    87. Hong Kong
    88. Montenegro
    89. Luxembourg
    90. Malta
    91. Brunei
    92. Maldives 
    93. Iceland
    94. UK Jersey
    95. UK Isle of Man
    96. UK Guernsey
    97. Andorra
    98. Denmark Faroe Islands
    99. Monaco 
    100. Liechtenstein 
    101. UK Gibraltar 
    102. San Marino 
    103. Finland Åland Islands 
    104. Norway Svalbard and Jan Mayen 
    105. Vatican City  
    So all of these countries involve an Eurasian. I am not saying all of them, but an Eurasian has mixed ancestry from these lands. Many may not understand but Eurasians descend from multiple countries. There are different types of Eurasians as well. For instances, my family would be considered an unique version of Eurasian and not the typical kind.

    I found this piece about 23 Problems Only Eurasian People Would Understand on BuzzFeed. I understood some of them, and also from researching about other Eurasians found these facts to be true.







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