11 April, 2016

Issues Only a Living Doll Can Understand

A list of issues only a living doll can understand. After being a living doll, I have discovered these problems from experience. Here is the list:

Those Weird Stares


Yes, I have came across and discovered the issue where others give me weird stares due to how I am dressed. Some are obvious disapproval and misunderstanding. Being a living doll, I learned the key is to be nonchalant and ignore those stares. I usually do ignore them, and continue on with my business.

Inevitable Questions


Living dolls, especially me have dealt with those who approaches or just question about the doll attire. Like what I said in the other post, it does depend upon the individual and where living dolls go. I find more disapproval in my attire in Christians and Christ based religions and churches. Also most I find a pattern in certain ethnic races. Others outside of Japan or who is not Asian simply will asks these questions, not understanding our doll wear or Japanese fashion. It first starts with the weird staring, frowning or weird expressions on their faces, mumbling among themselves or to those they may be accompanied with among other obvious confusion. I simply ignore these particular individuals. Here is my personal question and comment list: 

  1. Why are you dressed like that? 
  2. Any particular reason you're dressed that way? (Like there must be some strange special occasion) 
  3. Don't you think it is too early or too late for Halloween costumes?
  4. Why are you so dressed up? 



 Ending Up on Those Plastic Surgery Fails and Online Criticism


I came across Youtube Videos and other things that lists living dolls as failed plastic surgery. Also they constantly criticize our decision in becoming a living doll. Many have the criticism that we will later regret becoming a living doll, they believe we are delusional and unrealistic, they alienate us sometimes and feel like this is not "normal" and call this weird or taboo, they criticize that we will never be accepted into society, social situations and will not be able to find jobs, becoming a living doll is a complete waste of money and time; many assume we (although some do) are living dolls for attention or assume all living dolls have low self esteem. Also they believe we are living in a fantasy world and consider us to be fake. What I say to this is, everyone has a choice what they choose to be, what they choose to do with their body, and their choice with their money. Life is all about choices, and human beings should be able to freely decide what they wish to do with their life. To me, living dolls are not a fail, but beautiful. I take offense to these comments, but I shrug my shoulders; everyone has their own opinion. Not everyone can see our beauty though. 

Everyone Assumes All Living Dolls Move to Japan


Not all living dolls want to move to Japan. In fact, there are living dolls who live all across the world. Some might say I contradict myself since I am moving to Japan. However, it is not solely because I am a living doll. My move to Japan is primarily for work, publishing and business reasons. It does not matter anyway though. Being a living doll often goes into the Japanese culture and fashions. Also living dolls are often more accepted by the Japanese and other Asians than any other race. I do notice when wearing my doll clothing if in the presence of an Asian, females are always delighted and compliment me. Male Asians do not have any questions neither, nor do they stare strangely. It is almost like it is normal to them. However, like being a fan of anime/manga may cause others to develop an interest in Japanese and other Asian cultures, being a living doll can develop the same interests with some living dolls.

Friends or Family Members Who Disapprove 

Some living dolls may not have this problem, but some of us have the issue where there is always a friend or family member (more so family members) who disapprove of how we dress. Also disapproval of the decision in becoming a living doll. There may be family who are embarrassed to be seen with us, or rudely criticize our decision. Honestly, we already get criticism from online and others outside; we do not need our own family disapproving as well. I watched My Strange Addiction and saw the living doll Emily. I believe personally the step-mother is cruel, and her father and other family members are wrong for allowing the step-mother to speak so criticizing to her. Like many living dolls, Emily says it makes her feel better about herself, increases self esteem, this is who we are. Many living dolls feel ugly and feel better when they are a living doll. There is nothing wrong with doing whatever will make you happy, no matter the opinion of others. That is my motto and what I plan to do. 

Those Annoying Family Members That Schemes to Ride on Your Back

I am fortunate to not have a mother or family like this, but some living dolls I see have this issue. Some parents or family members, even friends have a scheme to ride on the back of the living dolls' success. They also wish to gain the earnings they make from their living doll career. Also they are there beside them only to use them and not genuine support, although sometimes it may seem like it is genuine, but it is not.

Getting Ready & After An Outing


Being a living doll, I realized it takes me longer to get ready to leave. I try to get ready as quickly as I can, but living dolls cannot rush too quickly for a perfect doll look. Now, my mother and family ends up waiting for me to get ready. To keep up with the living doll lifestyle, there are a few issues I have when getting ready. 

  1. When I have several doll outfits, picking out which outfit to wear for that outing. Also when I have like a gazillion accessories, there is the issue choosing which accessories or accessory to wear with my outfit. This includes the many socks I have that are all kawaii and difficult to choose which one to wear. To be a living doll, everything must also be put on and worn perfectly. That is the goal as a living doll, the idea is to look perfect or almost perfect like a doll.
  2. I am a living doll who wears cosplay wigs because currently I portray as existing characters. I am trying to collect wigs that match the Ellowyne Wilde doll. I have only one Ellowyne Wilde doll wig at the moment. Anyway, it can be difficult to choose from hundreds of wigs I have. I ask, who do I want to be today? 
  3. Makeup. Yes, being a living doll there are particular doll type makeup we have to put on in order to look like a living doll, and to keep up with our doll like appearance. I try to hurry, but I do not want to rush too quickly. Putting on the makeup wrong will make a living doll look like a failed attempt and a rush job, like what it is.
After going outside, it takes awhile taking off all the doll things. There are many steps and especially after a long day (since I am able to work wearing my doll attire), these steps can be less desired. However I still have to do it. The steps: 
  1. Taking off the wig and properly putting it away. 
  2. Taking off all accessories. The more a living doll wore, the more you have to take off. Then putting them away neatly in a drawer. 
  3. Removing the doll socks and putting them away. 
  4. Taking off the doll clothing. This step it depends upon what the living doll wore, but this alone can take awhile to do. Some clothing have buttons that needs to be unbuttoned, ribbons and ties that needs to be untied, zippers that has to unzipped. Plus some clothing especially when I wear historical clothing, Decora clothing, Kei fashion or Lolita (what I mostly wear), there are jackets, aprons and pieces that needs to be taken off before taking off the actual outfit itself. Majority of these doll clothing are from Japan or China or other Asian countries. Therefore they are a bit form fitting. The historical clothing that was bought, even if they are from the US, they are still made for petite human beings. I am lucky to be petite myself. However, there is also the underskirt which makes the dresses or skirts puffy and full looking that also needs to be taken off. Wearing historical clothing, more items needs to be taken off.  


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