26 April, 2016

Minnesota Paranormal Investigating Team: John Savage Banned from the House

Yes, we have agreed to let our house be registered into the historical records. This means, the house will be a historical house.

The real reason for this post, was to share our experience with a paranormal team called Minnesota Paranormal Investigating Society or something. Everyone knows it by the name John Savage or Alex Johnson. Awhile back, my family asked them a few questions on their Facebook group (when we had Facebook). That is when they insisted that they investigate the house. We just accepted. The book will have full description, but I spoken to Alex Johnson about how we should postpone the investigation until later due to the activity increasing. He all of a sudden, tells me he has no time for games and to be messed around with. He also tells me about how busy they are and how hard it is to squeeze investigations in (like they're the Ghost Adventures or something). Out of all the teams we have contacted, only his team was the only to be this rude. Also he never realized that HE was the one who insisted to investigate the house. We never mentioned anything about investigating. All we were doing was asking questions like usual. They had been Facebook friends for awhile. So to react and reply in that manner was not surprising, but offensive.

That is the reason their team is banned from ever seeing or entering the house. No grudges, but it is just the way Alex replied that offended us. He said it himself he would never investigate the house, and never ask him to visit the house ever again. So that is what we'll do. Anyone affiliated with this team, they also will be banned from the house. I am sure when the full situation is explained as to why we postponed, they will realize they replied too rashly. Alex Johnson was never listening to anything I was telling him anyway. I do not recommend their team or anyone affiliated with them. They are too arrogant, think too much of themselves and just are plain rude. 

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