26 April, 2016

Tilghman's/Tillman's Plantation & Drumgole

I found a few documentations showing some of the Drumgole family were slaves on the Tillman's Plantation. One of them was known as Rosa Drumgole, or Rosie Williams (changed her name). This was the woman I mentioned before in this post: Issues with DNA Testing Companies, who actually adopted my mother from Iraq or Saudi Arabia. Yes, she was a foster parent (turned out to become a well known one). She decided to adopt her.

The Tillman's Plantation has a long history. I read about Christopher Tilghman, who had ownership of this plantation. John Tilghman or Roger Tilghman (changed name to Tillman), whom I believe took first ownership of the house however. The plantation is in relation to the two States, Virginia and Maryland, exactly where the document says the Drumgole's and also Williams' were slaves. I found this plantation similar to the movie, 12 Years a Slave, kind of scary to be a slave on. I read of runaway slaves, mainly Joshua Drumgole. There was a large search for him, even with the court involved. The penalty of caught runaways were hanging or other deaths. I came across one document in particular which was horrible. A master I think in the 1800's had beat his slave and put salt in his wounds, for trying to escape. To him, that was lucky because the norm was death. No wonder Rosa ran away.

I have also read an interesting documentation of who the slaves (Rosa's relatives) belonged to. It goes back to the 1600's, of how the slaves were past down to the Williams and Drumgole family. Due to how prominent the family was, the slaves' names are documented. This family has relation to help making the song, "Star Spangled Banner". Also a Mexican-American soldier under the command of the well known general, Robert E. Lee, among others. There is even a lot of history on the American Civil War. That is why I kept the document and wanted to read through it for the part about the war. A man stood out who was writing a will. In his will, he gave his slaves and estate to his children and other relatives. It was shocking how the slaves were just exchanged like property. That is what they were labeled as in the actual document, property. The man said (in the 1900's during this time, perhaps 30's) if the slaves were to have children, they were automatically slaves. I was actually shocked that the document lasted all throughout the 1970's. I honestly had no idea plantation type slavery still existed during that time. At least not in the United States.

Rosa Drumgole, I have a document when she was 4 years old. Actually in the document she did not have a last name written down. Another document I read how her father told her she should leave the plantation. That was in spite the risks if she is caught. Rosa heeded her father's words and ran away, leaving her family behind. She was not released however without the help of Lindy Boggs, who was born on the estate. Somehow, Lindy helped Rosa escape. She worked under Lindy's adoption agency. I even have documentation saying how Rosa Drumgole helped Lindy, and traveled with her. Also creating a pharmacy overseas. They would also take children for adoption from China, Korea, Europe and the Middle Eastern countries. This is how Rosa was able to speak different languages. This would also explain how she had the opportunity to adopt my mother. When visiting the Islamic countries, she refused to cover her hair, saying she will never wear cotton on her head again. So all those times, she has mentioned a horse and stuff, it shows the horse was owned by the current owner of the plantation. Her chore was to care for the horse. Everyone says Rosa never mentioned anything about her being on a plantation. It would explain a lot though.

I do not mind giving the documents to the Drumgole family.

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