30 April, 2016

Twitter Review

Twitter when it first started off, I believed was more professional and more worthy of anyone's time. These are one of the social sites experts recommend for writers and living dolls. I will not leave Twitter, but have mixed feelings about them.

Like what I said, I did like Twitter better years ago. Now Twitter has became less and less professional. To find professional, clean and useful tweets, you must go through the trash first. Twitter users are not as professional as they use to be neither. Now I find many let's just say, things unworthy of professionalism. Now I have a requirement of screening those that follow me before following back. Honestly it is becoming more and more like Facebook, and it proves it when they stated they wished for their site to be more like Facebook. I do not think it is necessary, and it would be less favoured by me. I just wished that Twitter would return like how it was, professional based. 

Recently, I believe Twitter has treated my mother and I unfairly. They have allowed so many on Twitter to harass and make racist statements towards us. Twitter support was reluctant to remove the tweets. It was only through persistence, that they removed them. I believe this is unfair because if it was me harassing someone and being racist, especially the ultimate racist statements (being a terrorist, involved in the Paris attacks, members of ISIS), my account would have been quickly suspended. I am certain if I make a single tweet like that, I am reported and removed from Twitter. Also, Twitter took Facebook's side after the site had done this injustice to us.

Yes, I remain to use Twitter, but I only do it for marketing. I am not into Twitter or visit the site. The only thing I do is share blog posts and other links to help for my author brand. That is pretty much it. 

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