09 April, 2016

Upcoming Move to Japan

I have been studying the Japanese language and everything about Japan before my family's move. In my opinion, I believe doing extensive research on the location one is to travel to is wise. While I have been studying and working on my projects, especially my first novel series, I am also studying about Japan and the language. I am teaching everything I learn to my family. I am now at a level I can pronounce Japanese words like a native speaker. I memorized the alphabet and I'm able to communicate in Japanese. However I am still not fluent. I am multitasking with my language learning but focusing more on Japanese. For my novel series, I am learning French. What I find useful languages to learn for my travel is Korean and Chinese. I am still learning Arabic, but since my upcoming move to Japan, I have sort of put that on hold since it is not essential for me to learn right now. Studying these languages is returning my natural accent it took me a few years to drop, but that is fine I guess. I have always had a Turkish, Uzbek, Irish mix type accent, but learned how to talk without an accent. Anyway, the accent helped me a bit better pronounce Japanese and Korean words.

We are looking to live in Tokyo closest to our work, also any other location such as Shirakawa, Takayama, Osaka or Kyoto or another location. My family has grown use to small towns since where we live now is a small town. That is why we are moving to a small town or village.

I heard Japan is however the least Vegetarian country in the world. Japan is known for using fish or some sort of meat products for everything edible. My manager and I do not take well to over exotic foods or foods that is not simple in flavor. Vegetarians however are taboo and strange to Japanese. Also they do not consider fish as meat, like some Americans. However they are more strong in the belief fish is not meat. My manager and I currently is looking into the Buddhist Monk's diet and Halal foods. We regularly eat Halal foods and learned we have a love for the food. We basically eat the same sort of foods. I am unsure about the Monk diet, but I read how Monks are more traditional and eat more vegan/vegetarian foods than the rest of Japan. My manager and I just have never tried Monk diet foods. We are looking into it before moving to Japan. Actually in the past, all of Japan were like the Buddhist Monks and did not eat meat. Also we are going to grow our own edible garden. My sister and step-grandma won't have an issue eating most things in Japan though.

During my research also, I have heard there is a Rabbit and Cat island. Being allergic to cats, we will avoid the cat island. There are Deer that are sacred. In Japan, Deer are descendants and messengers from the Shinto Gods. Like in the US we see Geese, there are Deer. Kawaii animals even are in Japan such as Raccoon Dogs and the Snow Monkey. So cute! Also Foxes; a festival called Kitsune Festival exists as well. I read about slippers that is worn when entering houses, and also toilet slippers. The important note is to never forget to remove the toilet slippers before leaving the bathroom to avoid embarrassment, among other essentials to avoid embarrassing oneself. Instead of hand shakes, there is more of the bowing when greeting, and the angle and length of your bow determines how much respect is shown. I have learned about the etiquettes, titles/honorifics, grammar, holidays, music, festivals, food among other things about Japan. That importantly includes business, working and publishing in Japan. I believe this is the proper way also in learning and understanding the language one wishes to learn.

I believe as a living doll, I won't be strangely stared at because I believe Japanese better perceive living dolls than the US and other countries. 

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