18 April, 2016

Where Are The Pastors During a Haunting?

After viewing hours of other paranormal cases, I have noticed a common issue when facing a haunted house or place. Having dealt with this myself, I will share my family's full experience with trying to seek help from pastors and priests.

All pastors and priests, and even all Christians tell you, you should never seek help from psychics, paranormal investigators or anyone related. Also from my family's strong belief in our religion and strict living, we too are strongly against seeking help from psychics, investigators and those that dabble into other religions or occult like practices.

When dealing with a paranormal issue however, many pastors or Christian leaders avoid anything paranormal altogether. They even dislike discussing it or answering any paranormal question you might have. Later, I will repost my old post on the heated debate on what are ghosts exactly. It shares the views of Christians and compare them with paranormal investigators and mediums. Obviously there are conflicting beliefs. This is the reason Christian leaders will often not handle paranormal cases. My family's experience was horrible, especially due to the severity of the hauntings in our house. We have contacted and seeked help from many pastors and priests, but not one was willing to perform an exorcism or cleanse the house. We were even settling for a prayer over the house, but they all declined this as well. Some even told us they do not believe in ghosts, they must be in our imagination and other reasons why they won't visit the house. Also they are quick to assume we have played with a Ouija Board or dabbled in dark magic. I am highly offended by those who try to tell us it is not really happening, like haunted houses do not exist. I cannot be convinced the paranormal is nothing but in our minds. No, nothing of the paranormal realm makes sense though. That is why I decided to become a paranormal researcher. 

I am not saying all are this way, but many are. What is a victim of a haunting to do when this happens? These pastors almost force many to turn to psychics and paranormal investigators for help. This is only because they refuse to help. It can be frustrating being desperate and weary from what you are experiencing, only to find out the pastor or priest will not help. I mean, we are not ordained to properly remove spirits on our own. If so, all of our attempts would have worked. Again unfortunately, this leads to many owners desperately seeking for any sort of help. No, my family never came to the point where we would break the laws of our religion; at least not intentionally. Yes, we have contacted paranormal investigators. Not to remove the spirits, but to have evidence of the spirits, but everyone had been too afraid to visit the house. About the haunted Durango, well, many were interested, including the two ghost hunters Mark and Debbie. What really happened to the two will be included in the book. We also do apologize and that was a shock. No one really knew what the spirits in the Durango were capable of doing. My family had a sense, but not like that. A man who is actually Muslim contacted me to remove the spirits in our house. Yes, this will be in the book and I am prepared for the criticism for giving him permission to try and remove the spirits, and for contacting paranormal investigators. It's kind of bittersweet and I am not even sure if the spirits are all gone. I believe whatever happened in the past in the house, that will always cause paranormal activity to occur in the house.

Next, I would like to share an important issue my family still has with the house's past. 

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