23 April, 2016

YOUnique Product Review

Thick and big eyelashes are one of the keys to being a true living doll. The key is for your eyes to match a doll's. I am unsure how much false eyelashes a living doll goes through. However, I recently got into wearing false eyelashes. It can be quite tedious and time consuming trying to perfectly put the lashes on. Also, lots of money (even if they are cheap) can be spent on eyelashes alone for the living doll lifestyle. It reminds me of the song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, tsukematsukeru which is about false eyelashes (official video):

When I was at work (Pro-health Care), a coworker introduced this product called YOUnique. She claimed it can grow eyelashes. It took awhile, but I decided to try the product. Yes, it definitely works. I found my eyelashes growing fast within weeks. This way, I do not have to keep purchasing lashes. Also however, if one chooses to still wear false lashes, this product will enhance the fullness of the lashes. It can give more of a doll appearance, but I find wearing falsies are not necessary.

Instructions: As it says online, you can put on regular mascara if you want to, but this is not a required step. Then you put on a coat of the gel/Younique mascara, put on the natural fibers and then another coat of the gel to keep the natural fibers on the lashes. It says it is best to do one eye at a time, but I do not think it matters.


  1. The natural fibers or gel can often get into your eyes, causing irritation and redness. One day, I noticed my eye was burning really bad. My eye was also red. I had to run and remove my doll eye makeup. It seems wearing/using this product, you cannot wear much eye makeup plus this. The issue with this is being a living doll, it is required to wear other eye makeup to maintain doll look. Due to the irritation, I skip a day or two from applying the product. During the time I use the product, I often wear my head scarves. I just do not feel confident without all of the living doll makeup to wear my doll/cosplay wigs.
  2. If this product is not applied on frequently, it will not make your own eyelashes fall out, but only the extra growth and fullness from the product will disappear. 
  3. Again, irritation. After applying, I find that it can itch and cause irritation, but I remember I cannot touch or I will wipe the mascara off.    
So is this worth having thicker and longer eyelashes? To me yes. 

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