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  • What do you think when seeing a Confederate flag? Well, I can tell you most view it as a symbol of hate. Due to the groups, I myself avoid anyone who carries this flag. I wanted to discuss this flag because I am writing a book on the American Civil War, for the Confederacy. That does not mean I am promoting hate ignorantly and blindly due to me being a minority. My motives behind writing about this topic is that I feel many has forgotten a past or tries to forget a past that shouldn't be forgotten. Also, I wish to share the history of the American Civil War to other countries who are unfamiliar with it.

    Originally the Confederate flag was a flag for the south because they seceded from the northern States. Jefferson Davis became the president for the southern States. Yes, the south practiced slavery. I discussed this with the same civil war reenactor, and I agreed with his views. Although the south did these things, the Confederate flag is a symbol that has been misused. It is not the flag, but the supremacist groups who choose to use it for their missions. The Confederate flag today is feared, hated, and thought to be for the racist. Personally, when I see this flag in anyone's house, I slowly back out, knowing their beliefs. This is when the Confederate flag becomes a symbol of hate, following by Neo-Nazi flags and other Klansman symbols. 

    When war began in the 1860's, there were many motives as to why Confederate soldiers enlisted. Many believe it was solely to continue slavery. Yes, some of the south wished to continue this tradition. While the north seemed to be more modernizing, the south remained in the primitive practices. The south wished for independence and freedom from the north. Basically the south was treated and viewed by the north as second class folk, due to their primitive ways. Despite this, during training, the south had many advantages than the north. In the beginning of the war, it would seem also the south advanced from their hunting, southern and farming skills. The north were use to modernization, being lawyers, doctors, judges, what they would call more civilized life styles. Nonetheless, both sides were badly affected by the war. However, many of these soldiers were young, as young as 15 enlisting (even younger). It is said, those who enlisted for Robert E. Lee, they weren't older than in their mid 20's. Although they may have shared the same views as their parents, many had different reasons. Some weren't even concerned for the issues on slavery.

    There is a heated debate and argument about this. However, when studying more about the American Civil War, it doesn't really seem like a symbol created for pure hate as it is represented today.


    What does the Confederate Flag Really Symbolize?

  • Cyberharrasment, cyberbullying or cyberstalking is all in the category of online harassment. This affects people of all ages and it can happen on any social site. I find it mainly on forums, even information type forums like Japan Reference. This is a site to gather information about Japan. Many signs include:

    • Excessive attempts of defamation, ruin someone's reputation, cause them to lose followers and their professional image. They often say negative things that are not even true about the person. Social site users, especially forum users go to extremes to make certain the person's reputation is tarnished.
    • Often claiming the person is unintelligent, has misinformation which they are sharing with the public, they have no educational background. If educational background is visible to them, they attempt to convince others these credentials, work experience, working position and education is fraudulent. 
    • Constantly writing things or doing things to purposely humiliate, embarrass, make the person the pun of online jokes, to purposely have them as nothing more but a joke to many. 
    • Make constant racist and sexist comments. Racism is more common though as so I came to discover. They often go into the racial stereotypes and hateful slurs against a particular kind. 
    • The school type bullying. This is the classic name calling, even though they are adults. It includes calling the person ugly, stupid, and other childish school type bully comments. 

    Yes, there are many other signs. Due to my experience, I do agree that this has became a serious problem about social sites. During my research, I also agree in avoid joining forums. Don't mean to sound repetitive, but this was the major reasons I decided to go anonymous. I learned being an anonymous writer will often eliminate this. No one has information about you to criticize about and that is what I preferred.

    Cyberharrasment on Social Media

  • Due to the high numbers of interested people, I had an obligation to warn those who gets too curious. It is ultimately your decision, but you are being warned. I advise to not perform any spirit communication rituals to connect with the spirits in the house, from our vehicle (Dodge Durango). I do not even recommend connecting with the spirits that were attached to our previous vehicle, a black Ford. We recently have a 2013 Equinox, but paranormal things has also happened in this vehicle. I advise you to not try and make a connection with the spirits or try and see if there are spirits in the vehicle. Here is the new vehicle:

    It is highly dangerous, and those who have performed these rituals have gotten into serious trouble. They are ruined for life. It does unfortunately include the last paranormal investigating team we contacted. The most disturbing event was the death of Mark and Debbie, the two ghost hunters. Mark and Debbie were actually interested in the Dodge Durango vehicle. This was their demise. The family did not see none of the spirits from the vehicle during that time. They returned after they were dead. This is a major reason we are warning those ahead of time. 

    Serious Warning for the Curious in Proud Land House

  • Many writing experts tell writers they should join groups to learn and everything. However, after Japan Reference, I will never join another site. In my opinion, all of these online groups are overrated. The only site I have something positive to say about is Linkedin. I do not even recommend the writing groups on Linkedin though. Well, it probably is good to join them, but not get too involved. Here is a list of reasons why:

    1. Criticism. I am sick of online criticism by these online groups. You'll always come across criticism, but these groups become personal and rude. There is a difference between advice and being criticizing and rude. Most do not understand the difference. I do not believe this much criticism and abuse is something anyone should be subjected to. This is why I am done with these groups. People faces more nonprofessional behaviour than anywhere else.
    2. Many can get too much influence from these groups, and listen to the users too much that they lose their own point of views. This is especially in those writing groups. 
    3. Those Know it Alls: There is always someone who self-claims to be an expert, when in reality they are not. They may know a certain amount more than others, but that does not label them experts. I have came across these know it alls from every group. Their duty seems to have a requirement for belittling, insulting the other's intelligence and treating other users as if they do not know anything. Also, they know more than everyone. These know it all users are the cause for many groups being left. 
    4. Disagreements: Due to a variety of perspectives, personalities, educational background and views, there will always be a clash with other users and their opinions. Not everyone will agree with you, but others become unnecessarily unprofessional (simply rude) about the clash of views. I prefer to not deal with this anymore.  

    There is a particularly professional way many can word things. Instead, they prefer to go the ignorant and insolent way. I do not think it is fair and right to treat someone in such a manner. This is why if anyone else asks me to join a group, I will say no.   

    Are All These Social Sites Worth It?

  • This is another site I do not recommend, almost for the same reasons I do not recommend Absolute Write Water Cooler Forum. I wanted to rewrite my review because I believe the point was missed.

    When trying to ask a question, there is always insulting and criticizing replies to your thread. One didn't understand how someone can make a living out of being a Living Doll. Some cannot, but most find jobs/work and profitable ways for their living doll career. Anyone in the healthcare field would also know that entertaining those of hospice care or in the home care field is a part of the job. Many facilities like that the patient is entertained and their minds off of dying. It would also be under activities and entertainment. There are many other ways a living doll can profit from their lifestyle. Becoming a model or anything else. Here is the post (the people who replied are not Japanese):

    Since these people were not Japanese, this does not give me bad impressions of Japanese people, although since these users supposedly represent Japan, they make the Japanese people and Japan itself look bad to others and to my family. I believe this makes it look bad mostly for Americans who visit Japan. It seems like other Americans would give you a hard time. Anyway, as you can see if you click on the link, my mother and I only asked a question about working in a home healthcare field, but adding on a family member to the same company. Meaning work at the same place where a family member will be a patient, as my current job. Was this question answered? No. Instead, my mother and I were getting lectures, rude and harassing replies. I do agree that these replies and the users are know it alls, ignorant, rude, unintelligent and bias. I mean, this was plain bullying to comment on my appearance and knowing I don't have a picture of my face yet on the internet. I wasn't going to take any pictures until my complete transformation, obviously. And why did I have to give the user the links to where I read my information? What was he? My college professor?

    I feel the back and forth arguing and the rudeness was uncalled for and was unnecessary. When we notified the moderator, they told us they weren't going to do anything about the users and their comments, nor were they going to delete our accounts. I regret joining Japan Reference, but I just thought it was a nice site I could have learned more about living in Japan. However, with those attitudes, I don't need that forum. I'm doing good on my own. This Japan Reference can turn others away from Japan and Japanese people unfortunately, and briefly after that ordeal, I distanced myself from Japan. No, I'm not saying that all Japanese people are nice or rude, but I see it's these tourists who travels to Japan will be the real problem for my family. After being insulted several times on Japan Reference, I'm not interested in logging into the site, using the site or even reading anything from the forum. I will leave my account dormant.

    I believe all of these recommended sites, and also these writing groups are not really needed at all. I will further discuss this. However, I disagree with all of these experts who says you need to join these sites. I may add to this later on. 

    Japan Reference Site Review

  • My family now have passports. Although not something the entire family agrees upon, I have been wishing to visit Turkey. It is an interesting country, especially when I found out my family has a high Turkish percentage. I wished to check the country out and get to know a little bit more about our heritage besides the tv and my studies about Turkey. My mother asks why Turkey? For the reason mentioned already, in addition, I like Turkish music, culture, language and history. However, my mother and I were concerned about our safety. It wouldn't be fun being stuck in a foreign country, in a jail or something. Plus I have also discovered the insects of Turkey. Before travelling anywhere, I immediately look up the insects and wildlife. I was unhappy about those spiders, no matter what size they may be. The worse were those Water Spiders. I know to avoid the water, especially for the Jellyfish. My mother said she'll swim out of that country if we couldn't handle the insects and wildlife.

    See a snake or scorpion, we shrug. Spiders; no I dislike that concept alone. I also dislike the Centipedes and the wild dogs thing. Yes, I have read about where they are mainly seen, but this isn't the first time I've heard that there weren't stuff like spiders seen and actually I find one (the places I visit). No, it isn't comparison to the insects that are in Japan. Still, I dislike seeing any spider or centipede.

    I noticed I've been only talking about bugs. I personally never spoken or met another Turkish person. Not going into stereotypes, but from experience, I know that races have different personalities. My family basically behaves the same way and takes the same etiquette as Turks. So connecting with their culture would be natural. However, I wondered how diplomatic are the Turkish. I take an unfavour to human beings who have a lot of attitude. So I am hoping they can be professional and diplomatic. I read one thing saying they are known to be friendly, but I prefer to confirm this myself. Another thing, I never heard of a living doll in Turkey. This makes me wonder how Turkish people view living dolls. Is it the same as Americans? What would they think when seeing someone wearing doll like clothing? Well, my mother and I are debating whether or not we should visit Turkey. Also if my mother agrees, when would be the best time to visit. This is while we plan our move to Japan. I am also fine with continuing reading about Turkey without visiting. Right now, it doesn't seem like a good time to visit.

    Visiting Turkey Debate

  • My all time desired places to visit out of anywhere in the world would be the military historic sites. However, what I have been reading has always discouraged me. It caused a bit of nervousness. I heard of racism in a lot of these sites, especially the American Civil War sites. Recently, the Ku Klux Klan being present. Although they claim to be nonviolent contrast to their quite violent past, I still feel uncomfortable. This is because I study all of their groups, read and hear their views. Obviously they wouldn't want a minority around them. To me, they are fickle and I am uncertain if they would suddenly physically attack. Yes, their dislike has been mainly for African Americans, but they prefer their own kind and no minorities. I was thinking they wouldn't want an Arab (especially a mixed person) walking around. I would not mock these pro-white groups, for I know how serious they are. I have also read how 2016 is their year. They are correct about the American Civil War having more connection to them. The Klan was founded during the civil war, but was more on the rise I read during the presidency of U.S. Grant.

    I have spoken to the first civil war reenactor from Deviantart. I am privileged to have gotten to know him, and give thanks for his assistance in my civil war research. He is quite knowledgeable about the American Civil War. Never have I spoken to a reenactor, so I treat all reenactors like celebrities without them knowing. He shared with me information about how it is uncertainty when visiting these sites as a minority. He told me I may have no problems; they may look because of a non-white being present. That's about it. He told me it depends on where I want to go. I was asked if I plan to travel to the deep south. A specific time I decide to go, there may be an entire racist crowd. That or you may run into all racist reenactors. This upset me because I was hoping to personally meet a reenactor or see one, I never have. To me, reenactors are pretty cool and I believe it is nice for those who remember the US history. I am highly interested in military history and historical sites. Also, I do involve myself in helping preserve these historic sites; even carvings or statues everyone else wishes to have removed. I'll admit the US is looking less American. I feel no one should remove the very elements that are American, no matter what it may be. No one can change the past, and everyone needs to know what happened. It is not a symbol of hate or oppression, but it tells a story of history.

    With that said, I really want to visit the sites I have saved. I will share all of the sites that interest me soon. I just hope I can visit them without any incidents.   

    Another Awkward Topic: Visiting Historical Sites

  • I have been reading about author branding, and building your author brand. Author brands are basically who is the author, and what will be marketed and presented to everyone else. I found useful articles on Linkedin. Particularly, I liked the one written by

    Author Brands

  • For some reason, I have been sort of drawn to Yandere characters. As a living doll, I will become an Ellowyne Wilde doll and a Yandere doll. Well, I am a living Ellowyne Wilde doll, but for characters there are Yandere sides to them.

    I have created two manga projects with Yandere characters. The definition is a female character who is soft outside, but tough inside; they are the psychotic and dark girls in anime/manga. Many have obsessive and jealous traits. They are willing to do anything, even kill for someone they love. Actually their character can be centered around being lovestruck in a dark way. Similar to a psycho girlfriend, but worse. I found out there are two types of Yandere girls. Those who are lovestruck can be obsessed and kill anyone in competition, who gets in the way or also they feel the need to protect their love. The second is a girl who kills their love so no one else can have them. Yandere characters are purposely designed to look cute or have a moe type appearance. This is to give the illusion of cuteness, harmlessness, complete innocence to fool everyone into believing they aren't capable of being psychotic, dark, sadistic, violent and heinous. Most have a signature weapon, which is usually a knife, axe, gun, swords or any other weapon. Since she is labeled the Queen of Yandere, many will know by looking at her face what is Yandere:

    One project I have is a main character who is Yandere. The other is filled with a few Yandere characters. I am currently developing the characters and the manga series. Since they must look innocent, I'm bringing the cuteness to create the new iconic Yandere character. 

    Yandere Characters

  • It is natural for my family to avoid pork. We view it as unclean and actually we cannot consume anything containing pork. I think it has something to do with genetics. We are actually allergic to pork. Lately I have been researching in what is really in the food we eat. I was shocked and disgusted by what I found out. There were some things also we did not know had pork in it. This would explain our severe illness when eating something. I learned the US can be similar to Japan. The US uses pork for almost everything. This makes it even difficult trying to avoid pork. These are the products I found contained pork:

    • Colgate toothpaste
    • Jello
    • Candies
    • Gum
    • Cheese
    • Doritos
    • Sometimes due to the shortage of food, Pig and/or Horse milk is used to fill in for Cow milk. 
    • Ivory Soap
    • Chips Ahoy foods
    There are many more things that contain pork. Our family loves cheese, but the thought disgusts us and would explain our allergy type symptoms after consuming cheese. We forget all about it when eating a pizza, but pay for it later on. 

    Didn't Know I Was Eating Pork

  • I was curious about Japan's insects and wildlife, when discovering a disaster. They are actually a few large disasters. My family will find this part about living in Japan our least favourite. I guarantee there will be a lot of running and screaming bloody murder.

    Brown Huntsman Spider


    The size of this spider is no comparison to the spiders we see in our house. Well, there are spiders as big as the Huntsman mostly down south in the US. I do not mind pet, tamed spiders but there is something terrifying about wild spiders. Japan happens to have a lot of large spiders. Since I see this one most in houses, this spider I shared. It is also the scariest spider in Japan I think.

    Giant Japanese Hornet


    Image to compare sizes with the average Bee and the Japanese Hornet. I read Japan's Hornets are the largest in the world. They look prehistoric and not real. My family will have to be cautious not to embarrass ourselves outside.

    Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle


    There is something about how this looks that I dislike. I already know I will dislike all Japanese beetles.

    Giant Japanese Centipede



    I hate centipedes and to think there are larger sized ones are not making me too happy. The Centipedes can be large in the US, but not quite like this.

    I am trying to prepare myself for this, and get over the insects I already think are large.

    Japan: Creepy Insects

  • Many categorize living dolls and cosplayers in the same group. Yes, living dolls may cosplay or dress as existing characters. In fact, that is the only thing I am doing currently, although I am considered a living Ellowyne Wilde doll. However, there is a huge difference.

    Cosplayers are those who dress as characters from anime, games and other entertainment. Depending upon the individual, they can wear their cosplay clothing only during cosplay environments while others more often than others. There are also people who just loves wearing Japanese fashion who shouldn't be considered living dolls, even if they have doll like appearances.

    Living dolls are people who change their entire appearance, lifestyle and everything, or also go to extremes to look like a doll, character, cartoon, or figurine. Plastic surgery is often involved to look more porcelain/doll like. Living dolls wear doll type clothing everyday, and wear doll type makeup daily. There are many types of living dolls, some more unique than others. The human Barbie living doll is popular because I noticed people are less confused when telling them you are a human Barbie. When having to explain I am a living/human doll, there can be confusion still. This is until I explain like the human Barbies, but I am not a human Barbie. The doll Barbie is one of the most iconic dolls that has been around for years. Memories of Barbie tempted me to become a human Barbie. However, I wished to be completely different. I did not want to be another Barbie. There are also anime living dolls; those who goes to extremes to look like anime dolls or anime characters. Those are just the two most common living dolls, but of course there are others. I love them all!

    I hope to have cleared things that cosplayers are not entirely the same as a living doll. 

    The Difference Between Living Dolls and Cosplayers

  • When I was anonymous, I found many benefits that seems to disappear when writers are not anonymous. First I want to share the benefits and reasons why writers would wish to do this.

    I have read and I am actually a good example why going anonymous is best. There are gender, race and also privacy reasons. I am unsure about men, but I find women dealing with issues of having to deal with harassment and discrimination. So if anonymous, no one would know, unless writers make it obvious. That is the reason why I chose a name and theme that could be for either gender.

    I am also proof that it is best to go anonymous without anyone knowing your race. Also there is the benefit of many not knowing who you are and not knowing anything about you. Personally, I like peace and privacy. I read to never give out anything about yourself. I honestly liked the fact no one knew me. It was a disaster that Facebook revealed my identity. The damage was irreversible and I had no choice but to share who exactly is Tikaani Moon.

    When you are like me, writing about cults, psychopaths, demons, devil worshipers and other dark things, no one would think I would write such material. At work and outside my work, I had a specific reputation, and this was not it. Also if you happen to belong to a certain religious group that condemns this sort of work, the anonymous publishing can be good. I am also a living doll, which does not fit the work I write.

    Although I never had a problem keeping the anonymous writer theme up, I find it can be tricky today. What disappears is your discreteness and is subject to comments by those around you. Well, not being anonymous, everyone will find out everything about you eventually, even when trying to hide it. Also when blogging, everyone pretty much knows who wrote it. So this can be a bit bad, not that much though.

    So these were the concerns, and why I went anonymous myself. 


    Writing Anonymously

  • Writers seem to always have a story or reason behind their pen names. For me, the pen name Tikaani Moon was originally a name and brand for an anonymous writer of course. Tikaani is a Native American name which means wolf. I added the Moon for extra distinction. Uniqueness was achieved and that is why my manager and I loved the name and theme. Also from the false assumption, I thought to have been representing my Native American heritage. 2015 was when I learned my family wasn't really my family. So I am sorry if I have answered yes to the question are you Native American. I had no clue my heritage was entirely different from what I was told.

    Despite this, I decided to keep the pen name and theme. It took me too long to create a distinctive pen name and brand. So I will publish books under Tikaani Moon. Also, I choose to represent and help the race that I feel needs the most help. 

    Keeping the Pen Name

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