15 May, 2016

Another Awkward Topic: Visiting Historical Sites

My all time desired places to visit out of anywhere in the world would be the military historic sites. However, what I have been reading has always discouraged me. It caused a bit of nervousness. I heard of racism in a lot of these sites, especially the American Civil War sites. Recently, the Ku Klux Klan being present. Although they claim to be nonviolent contrast to their quite violent past, I still feel uncomfortable. This is because I study all of their groups, read and hear their views. Obviously they wouldn't want a minority around them. To me, they are fickle and I am uncertain if they would suddenly physically attack. Yes, their dislike has been mainly for African Americans, but they prefer their own kind and no minorities. I was thinking they wouldn't want an Arab (especially a mixed person) walking around. I would not mock these pro-white groups, for I know how serious they are. I have also read how 2016 is their year. They are correct about the American Civil War having more connection to them. The Klan was founded during the civil war, but was more on the rise I read during the presidency of U.S. Grant.

I have spoken to the first civil war reenactor from Deviantart. I am privileged to have gotten to know him, and give thanks for his assistance in my civil war research. He is quite knowledgeable about the American Civil War. Never have I spoken to a reenactor, so I treat all reenactors like celebrities without them knowing. He shared with me information about how it is uncertainty when visiting these sites as a minority. He told me I may have no problems; they may look because of a non-white being present. That's about it. He told me it depends on where I want to go. I was asked if I plan to travel to the deep south. A specific time I decide to go, there may be an entire racist crowd. That or you may run into all racist reenactors. This upset me because I was hoping to personally meet a reenactor or see one, I never have. To me, reenactors are pretty cool and I believe it is nice for those who remember the US history. I am highly interested in military history and historical sites. Also, I do involve myself in helping preserve these historic sites; even carvings or statues everyone else wishes to have removed. I'll admit the US is looking less American. I feel no one should remove the very elements that are American, no matter what it may be. No one can change the past, and everyone needs to know what happened. It is not a symbol of hate or oppression, but it tells a story of history.

With that said, I really want to visit the sites I have saved. I will share all of the sites that interest me soon. I just hope I can visit them without any incidents.   

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