19 May, 2016

Are All These Social Sites Worth It?

Many writing experts tell writers they should join groups to learn and everything. However, after Japan Reference, I will never join another site. In my opinion, all of these online groups are overrated. The only site I have something positive to say about is Linkedin. I do not even recommend the writing groups on Linkedin though. Well, it probably is good to join them, but not get too involved. Here is a list of reasons why:

  1. Criticism. I am sick of online criticism by these online groups. You'll always come across criticism, but these groups become personal and rude. There is a difference between advice and being criticizing and rude. Most do not understand the difference. I do not believe this much criticism and abuse is something anyone should be subjected to. This is why I am done with these groups. People faces more nonprofessional behaviour than anywhere else.
  2. Many can get too much influence from these groups, and listen to the users too much that they lose their own point of views. This is especially in those writing groups. 
  3. Those Know it Alls: There is always someone who self-claims to be an expert, when in reality they are not. They may know a certain amount more than others, but that does not label them experts. I have came across these know it alls from every group. Their duty seems to have a requirement for belittling, insulting the other's intelligence and treating other users as if they do not know anything. Also, they know more than everyone. These know it all users are the cause for many groups being left. 
  4. Disagreements: Due to a variety of perspectives, personalities, educational background and views, there will always be a clash with other users and their opinions. Not everyone will agree with you, but others become unnecessarily unprofessional (simply rude) about the clash of views. I prefer to not deal with this anymore.  

There is a particularly professional way many can word things. Instead, they prefer to go the ignorant and insolent way. I do not think it is fair and right to treat someone in such a manner. This is why if anyone else asks me to join a group, I will say no.   

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