06 July, 2016

Cosmetic Surgery in Japan

I have decided to wait until my family's move to Japan to have my cosmetic surgery. My mother is also holding it off until then. It's something about Japan being the world's capital of cosmetic surgery that interested us. I have watched many programs and read information which labels Japan the world's capital. I am going through with my living doll appearance. In Japan, wishing to look like a doll is not as abnormal than in the US. Here in the United States, I have came across plastic surgeons who refuse to perform these sorts of surgeries. They also are quick to send you to a therapist. I don't need a therapist analyzing me. Their views in the US are that this is taboo and unrealistic goals, we already look fine and so they see no need in getting reconstructive type surgery, and maybe we need serious help. Some living dolls however say incorrect things to a plastic surgeon. The worse things you can suggest is you feel insecure about how you already look or you are depressed. I've made up my mind however, and I am 100% sure I want to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll. No one can discourage me from my goal. Plus since I know it isn't abnormal, Japan is familiar with these surgeries. I do not have to worry if I would receive my desired results.

However, I do comprehend the risks and also the habits of many living dolls. Often living dolls are not satisfied with their results, and always believe they need more surgery to actually look like a doll. They end up getting a ton of surgeries done. This is when the living doll life becomes dangerous. However, I am a rational human. Plus I have my manager who would disallow this behaviour. The typical living doll surgery involves rhinoplasty. We want our noses to match a doll, as small as possible. The danger would be having too many nose jobs. When going smaller, you face the problem of not being able to breathe. Secondly, I have seen many who no longer has nose bones due to the multiple surgeries.

Rib removal is another important surgery for a living doll. My manager approved getting a few ribs removed for a doll type waist. She did warn me not to get too many removed. Yes, ribs are purposely there to protect organs. Living dolls risk organ vulnerability when doing this more than once. So I'll do it only one time.

There are a few others, but many do not realize cosmetic surgery is equivalent to being in a bad car accident. Having too many is extremely dangerous. I will never become obsessed in wanting to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll that I have a thousand surgeries.

Anyway, for doll surgery, in my opinion Japan is the best country to travel. Why I think this? Due to my research. Since my family will live in Japan, this makes it even better for me to have these surgeries done.

Of course there are other countries that will also perform living doll surgery. They are...

  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Russia

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