26 May, 2016

Cyberharrasment on Social Media

Cyberharrasment, cyberbullying or cyberstalking is all in the category of online harassment. This affects people of all ages and it can happen on any social site. I find it mainly on forums, even information type forums like Japan Reference. This is a site to gather information about Japan. Many signs include:

  • Excessive attempts of defamation, ruin someone's reputation, cause them to lose followers and their professional image. They often say negative things that are not even true about the person. Social site users, especially forum users go to extremes to make certain the person's reputation is tarnished.
  • Often claiming the person is unintelligent, has misinformation which they are sharing with the public, they have no educational background. If educational background is visible to them, they attempt to convince others these credentials, work experience, working position and education is fraudulent. 
  • Constantly writing things or doing things to purposely humiliate, embarrass, make the person the pun of online jokes, to purposely have them as nothing more but a joke to many. 
  • Make constant racist and sexist comments. Racism is more common though as so I came to discover. They often go into the racial stereotypes and hateful slurs against a particular kind. 
  • The school type bullying. This is the classic name calling, even though they are adults. It includes calling the person ugly, stupid, and other childish school type bully comments. 

Yes, there are many other signs. Due to my experience, I do agree that this has became a serious problem about social sites. During my research, I also agree in avoid joining forums. Don't mean to sound repetitive, but this was the major reasons I decided to go anonymous. I learned being an anonymous writer will often eliminate this. No one has information about you to criticize about and that is what I preferred.

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