05 May, 2016

Japan: Creepy Insects

I was curious about Japan's insects and wildlife, when discovering a disaster. They are actually a few large disasters. My family will find this part about living in Japan our least favourite. I guarantee there will be a lot of running and screaming bloody murder.

Brown Huntsman Spider


The size of this spider is no comparison to the spiders we see in our house. Well, there are spiders as big as the Huntsman mostly down south in the US. I do not mind pet, tamed spiders but there is something terrifying about wild spiders. Japan happens to have a lot of large spiders. Since I see this one most in houses, this spider I shared. It is also the scariest spider in Japan I think.

Giant Japanese Hornet


Image to compare sizes with the average Bee and the Japanese Hornet. I read Japan's Hornets are the largest in the world. They look prehistoric and not real. My family will have to be cautious not to embarrass ourselves outside.

Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle


There is something about how this looks that I dislike. I already know I will dislike all Japanese beetles.

Giant Japanese Centipede



I hate centipedes and to think there are larger sized ones are not making me too happy. The Centipedes can be large in the US, but not quite like this.

I am trying to prepare myself for this, and get over the insects I already think are large.

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