19 May, 2016

Japan Reference Site Review

This is another site I do not recommend, almost for the same reasons I do not recommend Absolute Write Water Cooler Forum. I wanted to rewrite my review because I believe the point was missed.

When trying to ask a question, there is always insulting and criticizing replies to your thread. One didn't understand how someone can make a living out of being a Living Doll. Some cannot, but most find jobs/work and profitable ways for their living doll career. Anyone in the healthcare field would also know that entertaining those in hospice care or in the home care field is a part of the job. Many facilities like that the patient is entertained and their minds off of dying. It would also be under activities and entertainment. There are many other ways a living doll can profit from their lifestyle. Becoming a model or anything else. Here is the post (but I found out they removed the post showing the bullying replies): Was Removed

Since these people were not Japanese, this does not give me bad impressions of Japanese people, although since these users supposedly represent Japan, they make the Japanese people and Japan itself look bad to others and to my family. I believe this makes it look bad mostly for Americans who visit Japan. It seems like other Americans would give you a hard time. Anyway, my mother and I only asked a question about working in a home healthcare field but adding on a family member to the same company. Meaning work at the same place where a family member will be a patient, as my current job. Was this question answered? No. Instead, my mother and I were getting lectures, rude and harassing replies. I do agree that these replies and the users are know it alls, ignorant, rude, unintelligent and bias. I mean, this was plain bullying to comment on my appearance and knowing I don't have a picture of my face yet on the internet. I wasn't going to take any pictures until my complete transformation, obviously. And why did I have to give the user the links to where I read my information? What was he? My college professor?

I feel the back and forth arguing and the rudeness was uncalled for and was unnecessary. When we notified the moderator, they told us they weren't going to do anything about the users and their comments, nor were they going to delete our accounts. I regret joining Japan Reference, but I just thought it was a nice site I could have learned more about living in Japan. However, with those attitudes, I don't need that forum. I'm doing good on my own. This Japan Reference can turn others away from Japan and Japanese people, unfortunately, and briefly after that ordeal, I distanced myself from Japan. No, I'm not saying that all Japanese people are nice or rude, but I see it's these tourists who travel to Japan will be the real problem for my family. After being insulted several times on Japan Reference, I'm not interested in logging into the site, using the site or even reading anything from the forum. I will leave my account dormant.

I believe all of these recommended sites, and also these writing groups are not really needed at all. I will further discuss this. However, I disagree with all of these experts who says you need to join these sites. I may add to this later on. 

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