02 May, 2016

The Difference Between Living Dolls and Cosplayers

Many categorize living dolls and cosplayers in the same group. Yes, living dolls may cosplay or dress as existing characters. In fact, that is the only thing I am doing currently, although I am considered a living Ellowyne Wilde doll. However, there is a huge difference.

Cosplayers are those who dress as characters from anime, games and other entertainment. Depending upon the individual, they can wear their cosplay clothing only during cosplay environments while others more often than others. There are also people who just loves wearing Japanese fashion who shouldn't be considered living dolls, even if they have doll like appearances.

Living dolls are people who change their entire appearance, lifestyle and everything, or also go to extremes to look like a doll, character, cartoon, or figurine. Plastic surgery is often involved to look more porcelain/doll like. Living dolls wear doll type clothing everyday, and wear doll type makeup daily. There are many types of living dolls, some more unique than others. The human Barbie living doll is popular because I noticed people are less confused when telling them you are a human Barbie. When having to explain I am a living/human doll, there can be confusion still. This is until I explain like the human Barbies, but I am not a human Barbie. The doll Barbie is one of the most iconic dolls that has been around for years. Memories of Barbie tempted me to become a human Barbie. However, I wished to be completely different. I did not want to be another Barbie. There are also anime living dolls; those who goes to extremes to look like anime dolls or anime characters. Those are just the two most common living dolls, but of course there are others. I love them all!

I hope to have cleared things that cosplayers are not entirely the same as a living doll. 

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