16 May, 2016

Visiting Turkey Debate

My family now have passports. Although not something the entire family agrees upon, I have been wishing to visit Turkey. It is an interesting country, especially when I found out my family has a high Turkish percentage. I wished to check the country out and get to know a little bit more about our heritage besides the tv and my studies about Turkey. My mother asks why Turkey? For the reason mentioned already, in addition, I like Turkish music, culture, language and history. However, my mother and I were concerned about our safety. It wouldn't be fun being stuck in a foreign country, in a jail or something. Plus I have also discovered the insects of Turkey. Before travelling anywhere, I immediately look up the insects and wildlife. I was unhappy about those spiders, no matter what size they may be. The worse were those Water Spiders. I know to avoid the water, especially for the Jellyfish. My mother said she'll swim out of that country if we couldn't handle the insects and wildlife.

See a snake or scorpion, we shrug. Spiders; no I dislike that concept alone. I also dislike the Centipedes and the wild dogs thing. Yes, I have read about where they are mainly seen, but this isn't the first time I've heard that there weren't stuff like spiders seen and actually I find one (the places I visit). No, it isn't comparison to the insects that are in Japan. Still, I dislike seeing any spider or centipede.

I noticed I've been only talking about bugs. I personally never spoken or met another Turkish person. Not going into stereotypes, but from experience, I know that races have different personalities. My family basically behaves the same way and takes the same etiquette as Turks. So connecting with their culture would be natural. However, I wondered how diplomatic are the Turkish. I take an unfavour to human beings who have a lot of attitude. So I am hoping they can be professional and diplomatic. I read one thing saying they are known to be friendly, but I prefer to confirm this myself. Another thing, I never heard of a living doll in Turkey. This makes me wonder how Turkish people view living dolls. Is it the same as Americans? What would they think when seeing someone wearing doll like clothing? Well, my mother and I are debating whether or not we should visit Turkey. Also if my mother agrees, when would be the best time to visit. This is while we plan our move to Japan. I am also fine with continuing reading about Turkey without visiting. Right now, it doesn't seem like a good time to visit.

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