29 May, 2016

What does the Confederate Flag Really Symbolize?

What do you think when seeing a Confederate flag? Well, I can tell you most view it as a symbol of hate. Due to the groups, I myself avoid anyone who carries this flag. I wanted to discuss this flag because I am writing a book on the American Civil War, for the Confederacy. That does not mean I am promoting hate ignorantly and blindly due to me being a minority. My motives behind writing about this topic is that I feel many has forgotten a past or tries to forget a past that shouldn't be forgotten. Also, I wish to share the history of the American Civil War to other countries who are unfamiliar with it.

Originally the Confederate flag was a flag for the south because they seceded from the northern States. Jefferson Davis became the president for the southern States. Yes, the south practiced slavery. I discussed this with the same civil war reenactor, and I agreed with his views. Although the south did these things, the Confederate flag is a symbol that has been misused. It is not the flag, but the supremacist groups who choose to use it for their missions. The Confederate flag today is feared, hated, and thought to be for the racist. Personally, when I see this flag in anyone's house, I slowly back out, knowing their beliefs. This is when the Confederate flag becomes a symbol of hate, following by Neo-Nazi flags and other Klansman symbols. 

When war began in the 1860's, there were many motives as to why Confederate soldiers enlisted. Many believe it was solely to continue slavery. Yes, some of the south wished to continue this tradition. While the north seemed to be more modernizing, the south remained in the primitive practices. The south wished for independence and freedom from the north. Basically the south was treated and viewed by the north as second class folk, due to their primitive ways. Despite this, during training, the south had many advantages than the north. In the beginning of the war, it would seem also the south advanced from their hunting, southern and farming skills. The north were use to modernization, being lawyers, doctors, judges, what they would call more civilized life styles. Nonetheless, both sides were badly affected by the war. However, many of these soldiers were young, as young as 15 enlisting (even younger). It is said, those who enlisted for Robert E. Lee, they weren't older than in their mid 20's. Although they may have shared the same views as their parents, many had different reasons. Some weren't even concerned for the issues on slavery.

There is a heated debate and argument about this. However, when studying more about the American Civil War, it doesn't really seem like a symbol created for pure hate as it is represented today.


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