02 May, 2016

Writing Anonymously

When I was anonymous, I found many benefits that seems to disappear when writers are not anonymous. First I want to share the benefits and reasons why writers would wish to do this.

I have read and I am actually a good example why going anonymous is best. There are gender, race and also privacy reasons. I am unsure about men, but I find women dealing with issues of having to deal with harassment and discrimination. So if anonymous, no one would know, unless writers make it obvious. That is the reason why I chose a name and theme that could be for either gender.

I am also proof that it is best to go anonymous without anyone knowing your race. Also there is the benefit of many not knowing who you are and not knowing anything about you. Personally, I like peace and privacy. I read to never give out anything about yourself. I honestly liked the fact no one knew me. It was a disaster that Facebook revealed my identity. The damage was irreversible and I had no choice but to share who exactly is Tikaani Moon.

When you are like me, writing about cults, psychopaths, demons, devil worshipers and other dark things, no one would think I would write such material. At work and outside my work, I had a specific reputation, and this was not it. Also if you happen to belong to a certain religious group that condemns this sort of work, the anonymous publishing can be good. I am also a living doll, which does not fit the work I write.

Although I never had a problem keeping the anonymous writer theme up, I find it can be tricky today. What disappears is your discreteness and is subject to comments by those around you. Well, not being anonymous, everyone will find out everything about you eventually, even when trying to hide it. Also when blogging, everyone pretty much knows who wrote it. So this can be a bit bad, not that much though.

So these were the concerns, and why I went anonymous myself. 


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