07 May, 2016

Yandere Characters

For some reason, I have been sort of drawn to Yandere characters. As a living doll, I will become an Ellowyne Wilde doll and a Yandere doll. Well, I am a living Ellowyne Wilde doll, but for characters there are Yandere sides to them.

I have created two manga projects with Yandere characters. The definition is a female character who is soft outside, but tough inside; they are the psychotic and dark girls in anime/manga. Many have obsessive and jealous traits. They are willing to do anything, even kill for someone they love. Actually their character can be centered around being lovestruck in a dark way. Similar to a psycho girlfriend, but worse. I found out there are two types of Yandere girls. Those who are lovestruck can be obsessed and kill anyone in competition, who gets in the way or also they feel the need to protect their love. The second is a girl who kills their love so no one else can have them. Yandere characters are purposely designed to look cute or have a moe type appearance. This is to give the illusion of cuteness, harmlessness, complete innocence to fool everyone into believing they aren't capable of being psychotic, dark, sadistic, violent and heinous. Most have a signature weapon, which is usually a knife, axe, gun, swords or any other weapon. Since she is labeled the Queen of Yandere, many will know by looking at her face what is Yandere:

One project I have is a main character who is Yandere. The other is filled with a few Yandere characters. I am currently developing the characters and the manga series. Since they must look innocent, I'm bringing the cuteness to create the new iconic Yandere character. 

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