12 June, 2016


Unfortunately, cults has became a huge part of American culture. The United States contains an endless list of cults. Due to religious freedom, that leaves the door wide open for extreme groups being created. I write about American cults. No, not to add unto the violent entertainment culture. I write about cults to beware and to remind myself that there are such groups that exists. It is not to glamorize this behaviour. Because cults are American culture, they are also a threat. I became interested in cults when discovering another dark piece of American history. So interested, that I began studying cults.

What exactly is a cult? It could mean a group of people led by one person. They require full control and submission. There are eccentric rules followers must follow. Cults are centered around Christianity mainly, but there are other religious cults/sects. This is the typical sect. However, Christianity is not the only main religion. Extremists and also Satanic churches are considered cults. Occult and cult is combined when Satanic practices are involved such as the Church of Satan. Also for instance, extremists such as ISIS are considered as a cult. I recommend the program, Doomsday Cults.

Currently, I am writing two books about religious sects. One is the common American cult, which is a church based off of Christian doctrines. The second I started is about a Satanic group. I chose a Satanic cult because I realized Satanism is also American culture. I am not narrowed to American cults. Know any extremists or cults in any other country, I will study them as well. Here are some cults I have been studying:

  • Ku Klux Klan (and their subgroups)
  • Children of God
  • The People's Temple
  • Heaven's Gate
  • Scientology 
  • Living Word Christian Center
  • Manson Family  
  • Church of Satan
It can be interesting how much or what people would believe. Cult leaders have convinced their followers they are aliens from another dimension, to even convincing them to take their own lives. I find this sort of mind control and manipulation incredible. Followers perform bizarre and extreme acts in the name of God or their leader. Psychology and psychological abuse plays a major key to a cult following. It varies who cults identify as God. Either their leader, God (from any of the existing religions) or Satan. There are so many cults, that I am wary of groups/churches I haven't heard of. Someone will always take advantage of American laws.

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