04 June, 2016

Everything Halted

I haven't been able to work on my first novel series due to my recent move. It can be a little difficult to write while preparing for the move, and learn Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Plus I am still learning Arabic. I have put many languages on hold to focus more on Japanese however.

I never dealt with anything like writer's block before, but went through distractions. Studying Japanese and Korean have taken most of my time. This is with the process of moving to Japan. Preparing to move is even harder when we continue to experience paranormal activity. The spirits are becoming more physically violent. Despite all of what my family endured, it is difficult for me to move on. Everyone can say this house is evil, especially those who read the book. However, I discovered a peace towards the end despite the experiences. Perhaps it is nothing but an illusion? I am not sure, but those who enter the house can also feel it too. The items I have found in the house will be packed and brought with us. I just hate ending my book and leaving without ever knowing the history of the house. All everyone will be given are what ifs and questions. I hear some times it is best to never know. Still, it would be nice to discover at least who built the house. With all of our searching done in vain however, will it be an eternal mystery? 

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