12 June, 2016

Mouth Masks

These are my mouth masks I purchased online from Japan. For safe keeping, I keep them in their original packages. Many question why wear these masks. Well, there are several reasons.

  • For colds, flu and other illness. 
  • My family has severe allergies. So I find it good to wear them when my allergies would worsen. This is most of the time. I am like allergic to a ton of things.
  • Sometimes, it is good to wear them for discretion and privacy. I dislike being stared at or bringing unwanted attention to myself, or any sort of attention. 
  • Often it is worn for Decora fashion. Being a living doll, these masks can be used for fashion. It is a combination for me. Discretion and fashion. 

This mask was a gift from a dear friend from our nearby nail salon called Happy Nails. Her name is Chloe. She found out I wore these masks, and handed one to me. Also, she told me she will give me new masks every time I visit the salon. This mask is from Vietnam.

I do not wear decorative ones for illnesses. For colds, I switch to the regular medical type ones. I only wear these sorts for discretion, fashion and allergies. My mother and I have figured out the pattern on how to make these masks. So we will start making a bunch. 

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