14 June, 2016

Other Reasons I Will Not Take Pictures Yet

I would like to take a few pictures. I mean, that is kind of required being a living doll. Some even asks why I never upload any photos. However, my living doll appearance is not complete. I am not use to taking pictures of myself also, and dislike bringing attention to myself. Soon I will get over it, but I won't over do it with the pictures.

Makeup Perfection


Did you know living doll makeup was the biggest part in looking like a doll? If living dolls remove their makeup, they no longer look as porcelain. Even though we do have natural doll appearances, the makeup will enhance it. No longer looking normal, but an actual doll. There is normal makeup, and then there is living doll makeup. No, I have not yet perfected this. While trying to perfect this, I have been looking at Arabian makeup. I will include this into my living doll career. Unfortunately, I do not have a steady hand yet. Since I discontinued wearing false eyelashes, I am also depending upon the Younique mascara to grow my lashes. It works, but the irritation it causes has forced me to take a break applying the product. Plus pink eye is not very cute for a living doll.

Motivation to Wear Doll Clothing


Lately, I have only been wearing Indian/Pakistani clothing. The scarves are my favourite piece to wear. I even get scarves from every part of the Middle East. Also, I wear Native American scarves. Although it is nothing wrong with this (living dolls can wear anything pretty much), I understand I need to wear more doll clothing. Sometimes, living dolls wish to take breaks from wearing this; including the makeup. However, it can be time consuming wearing them. Indian sizes is not the same as Asian sizes as well. I am able to wear Asian sizes, but some things can be tricky to take off afterwards. I find myself yelling for help. Anyone, just help me take this outfit off! The most problem I have issues with are clothing that come from Korea. China, Japan anywhere else, no problem; Korea is where I find major problems. Even the Victorian clothing seems like some of them came from Korea.

Plastic Surgery


The second or first important step to look like a doll is plastic surgery. Many living dolls deny having plastic surgery. However, the truth is surgery is required to look completely porcelain. Also to get responses like, I can't believe she's a real person. No, I have not done this step yet. The plastic surgeons in the US are just refusing to perform living doll surgery. Although not typical, those of Muslim belief are more accepting of this tasks. This is only from my personal experiences, nothing else. In order to complete my look, I must travel outside of the US, Japan. 

After getting these three steps down, I will start taking pictures. Not for attention or for anyone else. It would be that I am satisfied with my results for myself.      

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