19 June, 2016

Spirit Sensivity

Having a sensitivity to the spiritual realm means those that are capable of seeing, feeling and hearing into the spirit world; and things many cannot see. Also this can mean too that the person has the ability for spiritually sensing another person's motives and thoughts. Children are more sensitive to the paranormal than adults, because they are more open minded and they are not considered clouded with the world. However adults can have this same special ability. Spirits tend to target them because they are capable of seeing them. I do not believe in calling it psychic, but others have their own opinion. They are free to call it whatever they wish.

My family has this rare ability, and even more. It was far before we moved into the haunted house. We just were capable of experiencing far more after our move. Our personal abilities:

My mother is capable of seeing spirits, demons and holy spirits. Only being focusing and not focusing, she is able to see into the past of a location and also into the future. My mother is even capable of getting names by focusing on the past. She can know what will happen, even in the far future. The most helpful ability she has is seeing and sensing fully someone's motives, what they are going to do and what they are thinking. She can also look into people's lives by focusing, and can tell how they will die.

My ability grew stronger by the house. I am actually able to see spirits, demons and everything. If someone asks me or if I am curious, I am capable of seeing what happened in any location. My method is closing my eyes and I kind of tune out of my surroundings. No spirit has ever been able to fool me. Beforehand, I can see their true form and their true motives by pretending to be nice and friendly. Like my mother, by focusing as well, I can see into hell and heaven. Hell is frightening, because it is like I am actually there.

My sister is able to see, hear and feel spirits. The creepiest thing I find is her ability to know what someone is thinking. Even if you are silent, she can know what you are saying in your mind.

Unfortunately this ability runs like a facet. Without our control, spirits appear and becomes attracted to us. When seeing them, it is like being tormented by them. It is against our religion to speak to spirits. Therefore, we asks them to leave us alone or just ignore them. However, they seek for someone who can see them and tries to communicate. Also, we can see any crime that is occurring, have insight in someone's life and see what happened in the past without us focusing. That is why I call it a curse. We never wished for this ability. It is like a facet because these events continue, and they cannot be turned off. We try to just deal with our abilities the best way we can. Unfortunately, like what many say, it won't go away.

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