17 June, 2016

The Mystery of the Haunted Dodge Durango

Although the chapter seems over for this vehicle, in a way it feels like it is not. Everyone remains haunted by the events that occurred. Also the spirits haven't went anywhere. I looked up the VIN number of the vehicle and discovered many accidents that happened. Hesitation stopped me from knowing if any were fatal accidents. I will continue where I left off though.

Okay, I shall explain the incident with Mark and Debbie. Yes, they were interested in the vehicle when they heard of the bizarre activity that was happening. Our bosses' cousin who happens to be a mechanic examined the vehicle. This was due to our issues. Little did we know this was the beginning of the end. Actually the entire mishap was caused by the roofing company we hired. One man gave us misinformation that the vehicle needed to be moved from the back. Since it could barely be driven, it was towed to the mechanic. He suggested that the vehicle is not worth fixing. We were given ominous warnings not to destroy the vehicle. It was too late however. He had already took it to a junkyard and the vehicle was no more.

This was the wrong time Mark and Debbie performed a seance to communicate with these spirits. History repeated itself. One of the previous owners of the vehicle also had similar problems they started experiencing. The man was hostile, abusive and dominant, even to his wife and daughter. There were fatal car accidents and also a homicide that occurred years ago. My family are also sensitive to the paranormal. I will make another post with details. Many label us psychic and say this is a gift, but I see it as a curse. Anyway, history repeated because the previous owners were shot to death in the same manner, only in the vehicle. All I have to say is the vehicle was attracted to death, fatal car accidents and murders.

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