19 June, 2016

United States Returning to the Civil War Era

Studying the American Civil War and the 1860's, I see a strange similarity about the US today. Like over 150 years ago, the country is becoming divided with Republican and Democrat. This is basically the same division Americans had. In the 1860's and prior to that, the real division was between north and south, modern and old fashion, rich and poor. Do you see the similarity? Republican and Democrat? There were many conflicts and disagreements which led up to the American Civil War. Like today, the country seemed disorganized and in chaos. Of course then, they had Abraham Lincoln (a Republican), but there are many things most Americans does not know about him.

I found documents stating of Abraham Lincoln's conflicting speeches and decisions. He never actually stated he was against slavery. It may seem this way due to some of his speeches. His main concern was ending the division in the United States. In fact, I have came across documents and other readings that reveal Abraham Lincoln could have been for segregation. One time, he made a speech saying anyone of colour (term for African Americans and other minorities) can be killed. Also he disallowed them to enlist. Later on, he comes back stating he would allow the coloured to enlist into the Union army (with more contradictory statements). That is when the general Robert Gould Shaw comes into the picture. This is one example where Abraham Lincoln would even contradict against his own rules. Actually, Lincoln set out to ship the African Americans back to Africa. However John Wilkes Booth cancelled that plan. By the way, Booth was an interesting character I would like to make another post about.

Another document in 1862 also says in Anoka County, Minnesota, Abraham Lincoln ordered that the Dakota Native Americans would be massacred. Many were outraged over his decision. Abraham Lincoln was not as favoured and liked by everyone as most assume. Even after his death, many showed a strong dislike of him. No, I am not saying Abraham Lincoln was not a good president. However, no one can really speak for someone they never met and wasn't present during the 1860's. Abraham Lincoln was one of the most interesting presidents in American history I do believe however. Although many speak of his presidential failure, Ulysses S. Grant was also kind of interesting. Most believe he was a better general than president. Perhaps with his scandals, it made an impact on the United States today. Oh yes, I read the long list of scandals. He was the president after Abraham Lincoln. Not right after, for he became president in 1868. The scandals arrived in 1869 and continued from there. Grant was another Republican. I believe today, the United States wishes to return to being a Republican country.  

During the time of Abraham Lincoln mentioned above however, the United States was divided so much that Jefferson Davis became the president for the south. The Civil War era may be gone, but what it left behind remains. Several things still exists. For instance, there is still some sort of division, racism and nearly 200 years later the Klu Klux Klan is still an active group. You may call it the United States, but this country is not United. It never really was even when it was founded, and I am uncertain if it ever will live up to its name "United". In fact, I read many documents stating how the conflict goes as far back as the Constitution. It only escalated during the 1820's. Due to this, many predict a second American Civil War is possible. Yes, anything is possible I believe. Out of over 200 years of American military service, the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War seemed to be the only in relation to Americans. The first attack started in Fort Sumter, North Carolina on April 12, 1861. The Republican party was the first to fire at this harbor. At this time, Jefferson Davis and the south was already seceding from the United States. The south gathered muskets and said they were only keeping them for safe keeping. They knew there would be war however.

So, due to this, I do believe history can make a big impact for the future. It indeed has.             

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