31 July, 2016

Let's Bring Back Vintage Scarf Wear

In the Retro era (and Victorian era), it was most common that women wore headscarves such as this above. Also such as this below:

Audrey Hepburn collage wearing different headscarf styles. I love Audrey's style more because she often wore Turkish patterns. That is why I have been purchasing scarves and patterns from Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. I also found many vintage scarves (from Victorian to 1990's). However, don't forget the beautiful patterns from Native American culture. Here is another style I love:

Audrey Hepburn again! Unfortunately, I am unable to wear any of these vintage scarf fashions. Just the other day, a man gave me one of most evilest looks. No doubt a bigot. My mother and I were ready for a fight. He clinched his fist and was stretching his arm out to punch me in the face. Man or woman, I never back down from a fight however. For some reason, the racists think I'm Muslim and treat my family worse than they already treat us. No matter which of these styles or what I'm wearing, it is the same reaction. My family was thinking for our safety, it is best not to become Muslim. There has been a tad of curiosity, but I can't.

With that note, I would like to argue about this assumption. Obviously if you research vintage fashions, anyone can see that this was a popular trend. I also love this accessory because many dolls wear them. Due to my facial features I suppose, there is an automatic assumption I'm Muslim. People even think this when I wear bonnets. Only people who think this are the racists. No one else does. It is quite ignorant of anyone to treat people so ill because of their religion, or fashion choice. My other argument is, I believe it is unfair to have so much hatred. I don't comprehend how they come up with their assumptions anyway; especially the most recent incident.  

Despite of my experiences, I think more women should bring back all of these retro fashions. Where I live, I believe Anoka County, Minnesota and even most of Minnesota is becoming the most racist places in the U.S. I doubt other people would get the same reactions as me. They are beautiful and if I could, I would wear these scarves everyday.

The Future of Tikaani Moon Brand and Blog

I have been playing with ideas for the blog header. The new blog design is still being thought over. Plus the artwork and theme. It can be a little tricky what sort of theme to pick. I suppose going kawaii would be too cutesy. That is the reason I decided to have a more Victorian style. However, I am trying to keep my original theme, the wolf.

I am kind of unsure about the theme. In a way, I miss my old theme with the dark, mysterious black wolf. This brand would suit the projects I am writing. Dark has always been beautiful to me. Some thought of me as a reserved individual with a dark soul. Obviously, I'm not although others opinions does not concern me too much. That is why my logo and header will continue with the wolf. However, I am uncertain about my blog design. A company is discussing things with me.

I have hired artists from DeviantArt to custom draw art for my blog (even postings).

I will continue working on upgrading my blog...

21 July, 2016

Proud Land, The House of Death

July 19 was when my entire perspective of the house changed. This is the day, our dog Tangie was killed by the spirits. The family is not taking it well. We are a bit angry. I mean, I don't think it was fair to make our dog gravely ill and suffocate him to death. Yes, the house was known for killing our pets, but I believed from what I was expected to believe, Tangie, our dog was protected. Obviously this wasn't true.

Tangie never deserved to die in a manner that he did. We were trying to move out of the house as soon as possible, but unfortunately Tangie did not make it. He was only 3 years old, but we spent merely one whole year with him. After killing our dog, I no longer feel the same way about the house. This is especially after giving us pneumonia. That is how Tangie died. The Vet said there was no explanation to his death, even if he was sick. They are trying to kill us next.

I will continue the book about Tangie, unfortunately it will have a sad ending. After his death, the spirits continue to torment us by mimicking him. What more do they want? They already killed him. My family is leaving the house. I don't think this was necessary at all. Now we know what it's like for an entity to kill a pet. I mean we already did. The spirits were killing many of our exotic pets. Never did I think that the ghosts would kill our dog however.

We will all miss Tangie. In fact, the entire family is depressed again over the lost of a dog. I feel he was taken from us too early. His death was by far the worse event that occurred in the house. Now the ghosts are trying to kill my family, it suits the title House of Death. Also, for some reason the ghosts is targeting me for the worse physical harm. Not only me however. My mother has been targeted as well. I was shocked on the amount of physical damage they are capable of doing. With me though, they scratch me, leaving ugly scars. This is why I have to avoid entering my bedroom and the basement. It is upsetting because I cannot have scars being a living doll. These events caused us to question our religion a bit. It is harder when we don't have a church to go to. I am disappointed, but I'm afraid to leave Christianity. I just don't understand why so many things were allowed to happen for years (Not all about the dog or the house. A part of it though). My family can't fully comprehend that.

We have never gotten support but criticism for living in a haunted house. It isn't like we specifically searched for a haunted house. Christians I've spoken to told me it was a sin to even be in the house. Were they going to pay for us to leave the house? My family put a lot of money into the house; we couldn't just up and leave. They say that like it's that simple. Also, ghosts do not exist. I believe the only ones who truly say that are those who never experienced it.  

My family will be happy when we are able to move out of the house. Still, nothing will bring Tangie back to life. He was the best dog my family had. I am unsure what occurred in the past in the house, but whatever happened, this is the result.                                                                                                 


06 July, 2016

Cosmetic Surgery in Japan

I have decided to wait until my family's move to Japan to have my cosmetic surgery. My mother is also holding it off until then. It's something about Japan being the world's capital of cosmetic surgery that interested us. I have watched many programs and read information which labels Japan the world's capital. I am going through with my living doll appearance. In Japan, wishing to look like a doll is not as abnormal than in the US. Here in the United States, I have came across plastic surgeons who refuse to perform these sorts of surgeries. They also are quick to send you to a therapist. I don't need a therapist analyzing me. Their views in the US are that this is taboo and unrealistic goals, we already look fine and so they see no need in getting reconstructive type surgery, and maybe we need serious help. Some living dolls however say incorrect things to a plastic surgeon. The worse things you can suggest is you feel insecure about how you already look or you are depressed. I've made up my mind however, and I am 100% sure I want to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll. No one can discourage me from my goal. Plus since I know it isn't abnormal, Japan is familiar with these surgeries. I do not have to worry if I would receive my desired results.

However, I do comprehend the risks and also the habits of many living dolls. Often living dolls are not satisfied with their results, and always believe they need more surgery to actually look like a doll. They end up getting a ton of surgeries done. This is when the living doll life becomes dangerous. However, I am a rational human. Plus I have my manager who would disallow this behaviour. The typical living doll surgery involves rhinoplasty. We want our noses to match a doll, as small as possible. The danger would be having too many nose jobs. When going smaller, you face the problem of not being able to breathe. Secondly, I have seen many who no longer has nose bones due to the multiple surgeries.

Rib removal is another important surgery for a living doll. My manager approved getting a few ribs removed for a doll type waist. She did warn me not to get too many removed. Yes, ribs are purposely there to protect organs. Living dolls risk organ vulnerability when doing this more than once. So I'll do it only one time.

There are a few others, but many do not realize cosmetic surgery is equivalent to being in a bad car accident. Having too many is extremely dangerous. I will never become obsessed in wanting to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll that I have a thousand surgeries.

Anyway, for doll surgery, in my opinion Japan is the best country to travel. Why I think this? Due to my research. Since my family will live in Japan, this makes it even better for me to have these surgeries done.

Of course there are other countries that will also perform living doll surgery. They are...

  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Russia

05 July, 2016

Our Haunted House Updates

My family can no longer endure the activity that continues in the house. I decided to cancel the registration with Smithsonian due to the length of time it will take. If Smithsonian wishes to register the house, they must continue with someone else. I apologize because I know how many historical societies wanted the house registered. However, my family is looking to move out as soon as possible. We are moving out next month hopefully.

The house has affected me negatively and I see myself going downhill if I stay in the house. My family is still under debate if I should share everything. I am not ready to talk about my experience yet. At least not that part. Later on, I may share it.  

There is no hope in removing spirits out of the house. My family just decided to give up. I know the end is near, but in a way I do not want this to be the end. Although a false sense of peace, I still enjoy the peaceful moments. For my family's safety, we must leave. 

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