05 July, 2016

Our Haunted House Updates

My family can no longer endure the activity that continues in the house. I decided to cancel the registration with Smithsonian due to the length of time it will take. If Smithsonian wishes to register the house, they must continue with someone else. I apologize because I know how many historical societies wanted the house registered. However, my family is looking to move out as soon as possible. We are moving out next month hopefully.

The house has affected me negatively and I see myself going downhill if I stay in the house. My family is still under debate if I should share everything. I am not ready to talk about my experience yet. At least not that part. Later on, I may share it.  

There is no hope in removing spirits out of the house. My family just decided to give up. I know the end is near, but in a way I do not want this to be the end. Although a false sense of peace, I still enjoy the peaceful moments. For my family's safety, we must leave. 

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