02 August, 2016

Covering the Misunderstanding of Living Dolls

Many people I noticed have a misunderstanding of the concept living doll. The first reaction is confusion and then misconception. I would like to fully explain what is a living doll.

No, we are not running some brothel business here. This is the first misconception. Many people have confused living dolls with the whores you see online. That is completely different. Not even in the same category. Although I am a living doll, I do conduct myself still as a business professional, and professional, well respected nurse. Also recently, I became an entrepreneur. I am offended when people compare my living doll career to some porn star.

However, I see how some people can confuse us with whores. Yes, there is a pattern where living dolls wish to make a profit out of their lifestyle. Some (NOT ALL) do choose to go into adult entertainment. With that stated, please don't believe this is all living dolls. There are very classy living dolls. My favourite in particular is Venus Angelic, Dakota Rose and the others who doesn't conduct themselves as such. There are also thousands of classy living dolls on Tumblr and Instagram. People can get this assumption as well due to some living dolls wear provocative clothing, and take racy pictures. This shouldn't be the stereotype for all living dolls.

The Real Motivation of Living Dolls (and Information about my career)


Being a living doll is a way of life, a lifestyle. We wear kawaii, cute, dollie, lolita or whatever suits the living doll's lifestyle. For us, this is our daily attire. My motivation at least is innocent, like many living dolls. Our only motivation is to express ourselves, feel more confident, beautify us and to prove to the world someone can become a real life human doll. Literally. The definition is someone who wants to look like a doll, anime character, cartoon or a figurine. Merely, I am not seeking attention or anything. I think the living doll society is beautiful, elegant, unique and incredible. In our world, there is no racism or discrimination. It is a society where living dolls are not judged by their race, background, religion or anything. 

Don't get me wrong, the living doll society is not perfect. You may run across others who turn it into a competition. This is why I try to be wary of many other living dolls. Also, there are those who can become envious of each other. 

For me, my goal like earlier is to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll. Why? Because being a living doll is beautiful. I think the Ellowyne Wilde doll is also beautiful and elegant. It is a beauty not everyone can understand. Let me try to explain our beautiful world. I think it is amazing how people can look so pretty and exactly like a barbie. It gives the world the illusion we are perfect. I comprehend we are human, but it makes us look so perfect without flaws. 

An interesting discovery, but I found out I am one of few of my kind to pursue an extreme living doll career. Of course there's Russian extreme living dolls, but not many Turkish, Arab, Indian ones. Especially the countries that makes up my DNA. Living dolls are kind of like beauty pageants. We represent our native country and ethnicity. These things are constantly brought up. Yes, and your age. Being mixed, I represent innumerable races. It is so annoying what others expect out of me as a living doll only because I'm so "Exotic". 
Just because of my heritage, I will not be a provocative living doll. This shouldn't mean exotic and trashy. I'm classy, professional, business oriented and respectful. If any cleavage is shown for any occasion, it is pure accident. I notice it happens occasionally, but I am not a trashy living doll. I hope to end the misconception of our perfect world.   


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