27 August, 2016

Living Dolls' Confidence Level

Artwork Done by selene-bunny

The self confidence of a living doll can vary. I ran across a valid question, what happens when we remove our doll makeup, clothing and wigs? Some (not all) living dolls may have an issue with this. Others though, it is obvious of their self confidence. Then there are those who put on a facade. No, I am not trying to criticize, but to make a point. I think it is important while loving the person you become as a living doll, you still like yourself. My mother discussed this with me. She made great points that I would have to also like myself.

Eventually, living dolls remove their living doll gear. What happens then? I think it is kind of sad for those who dislike themselves, and only like the living doll they portray. These types often get cosmetic surgery, buy the clothes, makeup, accessories, wigs but never feels satisfied with themselves. People are insensitive about this. Being a new living doll, I completely understand. I am also a good listener. To combat this is trying to also find something you like about yourself. I mean, the reason living dolls will not be happy are that they are still this person they dislike. The thing they like in reality is the doll, figurine or character that is portrayed. My mother told me even if others say I'm pretty, I have to believe this for myself. Do I personally think so? Good question.

It doesn't help when you are receiving constant criticism and when someone tells you, you are ugly or not pretty enough. Humans just don't realize and care how damaging that can be. This is especially to someone who feels they are not pretty enough to be a living doll. Often this can also be another issue. Some question am I living doll material? Am I pretty enough to become a living doll? Am I pretty at all? They can even get intimidated by other very beautiful living dolls. The ones in the media can be even more intimidating. You ask, am I pretty enough to upload my pictures? When you see many gorgeous living dolls, this can discourage some from pursuing a living doll career/lifestyle. I have even seen those who become envious. My mother is straightforward and honest. This is something I admire about her. She makes a point that there is always someone who will be prettier than you. I believe she is right. If comparing yourself to others, it can decrease your low self esteem fast. Also create a jealous person.

I think those around them should kindly assure they are pretty. However, the living dolls must do their part. No, I don't believe in consulting with a therapist. All they want to do is throw everyone in a psych ward and drug them. I have seen also how insensitive therapists can be. They are so phony and backstabbing. This is not the correct solution. I think therapists shouldn't get involved in anything.

I shall end this with exercises my mother shared with me. This is something my family often practices. For a start, make a list of things you like about yourself. I also believe in bringing things into existence. No, this is not being delusional but positive. I repeat the goal I want, as if I already achieved it.    

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