30 August, 2016

Sled Dog Sports

I know, this is a bit random, but I have compiled a list of sports to do with an Arctic Dog Breed. These are sled dogging related sports.

Sled Pulling

Sled pulling is one of the oldest and well known sled dog sport in the world. Originally discovered by Indigenous people, and used for transportation. It is when a dog pulls a traditional dog sled, most often in the winter. 


When a dog pulls a person on a skateboard. I personally like this one due to its flexibility. Skateboard-Joring can be done in all seasons. It takes a lot of balance and practice though. I had many falls and busted knees before mastering this. The worse thing is falling off and the dog is still running. Also it will not obey your command to stop. I ran after my dog plenty of times. 


Second most popular mushing sport; The dog is pulling a person on a bike. I always wanted to try this one. 


A dog is pulling someone on roller skates. This sport is a great spring, summer and fall activity to do with a dog. 

Snow Mobile-Joring

Obviously a winter sport. This is when a dog pulls someone on a snow mobile. 


Another most common dog sport that is done in the winter. A dog pulls a person on skis.

There are millions of other ways your dog can pull you, these are just the most common ones. I think people can always come up with creative ways to enjoy letting their dog pull them on a trail. Such as on a scooter as well.

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