26 August, 2016

Why I Prefer no Comments

Recently, I remembered my request I made to humans. Many share the benefits of having others to like and comment on your blog, shared post and Youtube video. However, I tend to disagree. I don't mind hearing other people's opinions, although I dislike living for their opinions. There will always be someone to disagree and who will be negative. I learned to have a disconnection with all comments. I care not if others do not believe me when I say I have started the amount of projects, I'm mixed with all the backgrounds I have said, others think being a living doll is insane and other opinions. Becoming a living doll, I am more prone to harsh criticism. The comments are ridiculous. I feel I can do whatever I wish. It is ludicrous how people try to tell others how to live their life, what to do with their own body and money. That is double for those who never accomplished anything themselves.

I may not even read reviews for my projects. There is always someone who will negatively try to discourage you.

I am more of an observer than someone who will interact. That is what I prefer. I'm not use to doing anything social. Being introverted is not a negative trait as many claim. It has been my advantage in many things. With that stated, that does not mean I am unapproachable.

 Well that's just my thoughts on comments...       

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